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    So as we go in our journey building our dreams, at times we all have to find a solution to some difficult issues and challenges. We all have to experiment with different ways to do things and sometimes off the wall crazy ideas to well just make things work. Sooooo to inspire all and to let all know that some times we can learn from each others mistake, to start I want to post one of my failed experiments...


    PS hope you all will get a laugh out of this and will post what things you have done in your car building that we can all stay away from as well as get a chuckell..
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    Re: Experimenting

    my brother was putting bags on his camero. i was helping him, i couldnt get the shock and spring apart. the nut was way to stripped to unscrew off. so i has drilling the head of the shock, laid it down, smackd it with a hammer and boom, it came apart. so i was doing the second one, i was getting tired so i sat down with the shock in my legs and drilling it. with the 'hat' facing me. i started to daydream, and then. :'( boom the shock blew apart, the hat hit me right in the face and knockd me out. i woke up to everyone picking me up off the ground, we held the hat to my face and there are 3 studs about an inch and a half long coming out of it. one went to the left of my chin, one went to the right of my chin, the last went above my forehead. all 3 barely missed my face, i was so lucky, but i went to school looking like i got the crap kickd outta me. so i experimented with taking apart a shock without the proper tools and it didnt work out for me.

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    Re: Experimenting

    I, very recently, learned that pouring engine coolant where the gasoline is supposed to go in a brand new fifteen hundred dollar snow blower voids the warranty :

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    Re: Experimenting

    At 14 I worked as a go for at a gas station where I was able to buy a Ford Falcon for 10.00. Thrilled with my purchase I could not wait to customize it and to that end I tried to put some donated "15 tires on "14 inch Ford rims. After mounting this mismatch and laying it flat on the ground to fill with air, Wait for it...I saw the bead snap to the rim but continue to move, the instant it took to realize that this may not be a good idea was not enough time to drop the air chuck and get out of the way,the rim launched 20 ft in the air catching my thumb between it and my forhead breaking my thumb.

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