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Thread: Ferrari California or 599

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    Ferrari California or 599

    Has anyone seen a Ferrari California or 599 kit or is anyone working on one. It seems like it would be easier the some of the other kits out there. there is plenty of potential cars that could be used as a base .... corvette or mustang or many other FR cars out there.

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    Re: Ferrari California or 599

    No real demand for them
    I've got all the cad for california on a BMW z4 also got bonnet both front wings ns door and osr wing all z4 fitmen
    Sold the moulds about 6 months ago on ebay not seen it since
    I know 2 people in UK tried 599 and gave up

    Think problem is there more grand tourers and appeal to a different Market

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    Re: Ferrari California or 599

    well the z4 is a little pricey for a donor car and not fast enough. how much did you sell the molds for?

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