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Thread: Looking for EB110 replica

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    Looking for EB110 replica

    Hi Guys!
    my name is Filippo Penati and I'm graphic designer from Verona (Italy), let me present You my web page: (and a twin site A web site only about replicas, coachbuilding and kitcars. I always look for news about well done replicas and conversion kit. Here on Madmechanics I've found a great place with people with the same passion. So I'm her to find news about a very rare replica: the EB110 replica made by Kit Car Auto Diseno, Avenue de Juan del la Barrera, No 650, Dept. KCL Cal, Pro Hogar Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Does anyone know something about this replica and has infos and pictures?

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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica


    Welcome to the forum. Good to see some international members here. I have not seen the eb110, bur I am sure someone here has.
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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica

    I keep hearing about the kit but I've never seen one

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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica

    I have seen the replica and did have pictures of it, a number of years ago. it was built on a fireo and was quite nice

    IKR once posted a pic of it too:
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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica

    I would love one of those myself.


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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica

    Therare YouTube videos of it just search for eb110 replica

    They are building an aventador now

    They also made the best f50 replica I've seen

    Someone needs to go to Mexicali and rescue it the eb110 is rotting away

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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica

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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica

    Quote Originally Posted by cutlass442
    i've posted their info several times. maybe somebody will make a purchase.

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    Re: Looking for EB110 replica

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