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Thread: Body shop rate ? $$

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    Body shop rate ? $$

    Trying to gauge how much a reasonable rate would be for a shop to do some work since I'm running short on time to finish up the bodywork on one of my kits.

    I will bring the car in basically needing block sanding and finish sanding to get some of the gaps and wavvyness fixed, then painted. I'll prep as much as I can in the areas I think need most attention, like some of the part lines etc..but the big stuff I'll let them go at it.

    Paint? I'll be going for a Chroma 2k or equivelant base/clear in how ever many coats they think will make it look great. Basic red Lambo color, jams, etc...

    Whats a ballpark figure guys?

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    Re: Body shop rate ? $$

    [size=10pt][size=10pt]One gazillion dollars oo hoo hoo haa haaa haaaa haaaaa (Said with a pinky in mouth while hand facing outside)[/size][/size]

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    Guess it will depend where you take it to..
    I have tried to gauge the same I found paint and prep would cost me highest $22,000 (Ya $22k) to $800.00 there are lots of body shops begging for work. only thing would be to make sure they know what they are doing. What drives the price up is that it is a Lamborghini/replica Lambo.

    Good luck and please let me know as well


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    Re: Body shop rate ? $$

    Quote Originally Posted by viper10
    the going rate at my bodyshop and many others around here is 42.00 and hour.what can really never be estimated over the phone or email,maybe over pics,theres just to many variables in extent of damage or work needed per panel.but if i were to write a estimate for you i would just look at each panel and base it in hours needed for repair times 42.00/hr. plus refinish time at 42.00 hour.most panels to paint are around 3-4 hours each times 42.00/hour plus materials which would be 26.00/hr.this would be for good quality materials and a insurance quality finish.labor rate and/refinish rate would increase a little if you wanted show quality finish which has zero defects in the with that said say were looking at one panel to start the quarter level off and edges to straighten,it needs primed blocked and finished off to paint.i would write 5 hrs. for repair,4.0 o refinish..26.00/hr for materials times the refinish time so that's 104.00 for would total 210.00 for that panel and paint labor would cost 168.00 so total would be 482.00 for that panel this is average at most shops and alot charge up to 60.00/hr on custom and or restoration and some shops charge less but you get what you pay for most of the time,hope this helps

    That helps ALOT! THanks, so looks like that if I can at least do as much prep on the flat areas like the bonnet, wing, maybe the rear bumper etc (since those don't need tons of work) I can save a bit of $$$. I'll have to find a good shop...I'm really picky and I want it to look as OEM as possible (For IFG that is lol). I've already done alot of mods to fix areas that didn't look right from IFG so most of the tedious stuff is done. I'm prepared to spend 3-4k for the work.

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    Re: Body shop rate ? $$

    Quote Originally Posted by viper10
    more work that is done by you the more you and your shop must go over the car together meticulously to find any imperfections and agree on repair if needed including any high or low spots,scratches,pinholes and what grit it was left off at,the higher grit stage the more money youll save.paint will show these imperfections even with the best painter in the world spraying it,the paint job is as good as the bodywork done and the prep work.bodyshops will not guarantee a perfect paint job if you just give them the car and say "i did all the work its ready"again go over it together and agree on a final deal and what you want the pricing will not change though as a stated before thats the going rates everywhere around me including my bodyshop.include about 1-2 hours rate for any jambs also.
    Just a couple of points. No shop will offer a warranty of a repair over customer performed work. And they really can't because they don't know at what point the customer may have used some cheap rattle can primer, mis-mixed filler, ect. The other thing is 99% of body shops only do insurance work and it is soo different. A lot of the high volume shops in my area will not even do an all over. I've been in business a long time and for over 10 years I kept my "body shop" seperate from my custom shop. It takes a special person to work in the custom shop. Anyway, anyone can scotchbrite a door jam and paint it. A "kit car" jam could take days to get ready. One jam. All JMO. The other issue you have is body shops are used to flat rate. The computer pays "x" hours to R&R a fender on a certain vehicle and a good tech can turn 80-100 hours in a 45 hour week. As a matter of fact if a tech was turning less than 60 and we had the work, I usually let him go. So it is hard for a shop to charge 1 hour for 1 hour of work at 42/hr. The 42/hr is based on flat rate. Most custom shops are billing actual hours but at a much higher rate, around 75-100.

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    Re: Body shop rate ? $$

    HI! If it is as you say, $6,000. and you assemble. I am in tampa.

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