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Thread: Unfinished kits

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    Unfinished kits

    This may have been dicussed before and if so I apologize in advance for bringing it up but I have a question about unfinished kits.
    I realize that circumstances change and sometimes drastically over a couple of years but I was wondering how some people can sell an unfinished kit for a substantial loss when it`s say 80% or 90% finished.
    I can see if a person is maybe 1/2 finished or maybe not quite to that point, but I`ve seen cars for sale that have wheels, a drive train and even the body painted.
    I mean at one time that was a person`s dream car and to let it go when it`s so close to completion is hard to fathom.
    But, I guess in some circumstances, especially if it`s been sitting for a couple of years and the wife is on them to do something with it.
    I appreciate any insight that any of you may have in an effort to avoid falling into pitfalls that might keep someone from completing a car.

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    Re: Unfinished kits

    Many kits out there are rarely completed. Most people run out of funds and /or time to finish the build. Mostly the funds. If time were the only factor. You could just find an honest person. (hard to come by sometimes) and have them finish it for you. Some of these new outfits offer complete kits. Down to every nut and bolt. If you can afford one of these kits you will probably finish it. They take months to complete not years. That way your still young enough to enjoy it. People who buy things piece by piece soon find out they are way over their head. What they thought they could find for a few dollars ends up costing them thousands. Now were back to the money thing again. They end up selling it for a fraction of their cost just to get out from under it. You can have your build 80% done but to make it right you need to spend another 10K+

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    Re: Unfinished kits

    Thanks for the info.
    In my case the longevity will probably be the money.
    I`m doing as much research as I can before starting a kit.
    I know that the interior can probably be a little daunting for some people, but as I already know upholstery I figure I`m ahead of the game in that respect.
    I am discovering that you can spend 20k and up before you even get started with the build on things like the body kit, wheels, suspension, brakes, frame and cradle modifications, etc.
    I would look for an unfinished project, but I worry about finding glass and other parts that you may not even know who the body manufacturer was.
    I don`t mind doing fiberglass work, but I would rather not have to rebuild part of the roofline and upper door frames to get available Lambo glass to fit a body that doesn`t match the curvature.
    I was looking at B & B body but I want windows that roll up.
    On Total Performance`s website they have an option of providing you with window frames already installed in the doors with the motors for the glass.
    I figure they must be making these to fit some glass that is out there and available.

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    Re: Unfinished kits

    In some cases it neither money or time. Ive stopped working on my car countless times because I just get burnt out. I run into a lot of problems and spend hours on them and get to a point where I just become so frustrated, I have to stop for a few days. It just varies from case to case I suppose.

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    Re: Unfinished kits

    It's a simple long standing saying
    It takes 5 percent of the effort to get 95 percent of the job done
    The final 5 percent takes 95 percent of the effort

    Often mistakes made early on don't become seen until it's nearly finished

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    Re: Unfinished kits

    I bought my countach , 85% finished , needs interior and final body work/paint. I thought I have a car now that will be finished in few months and I can enjoy driving a awesome machine rather soon. Original owner put 50k in the thing in parts only.
    Me not being qualified to take a project like this myself, i had no choice so I started shopping around for somebody to finish it for me, and I was quoted 15-20k for the exterior only. Interior will probably run another 5k. I originally thought I'll finish the interior myself, build a dash and cover it myself but the truth is if you want to make it look right, you need to involve a professional in the process and custom work costs a lot of money.
    I eneded up buing a finished diablo and the countach will have to wait. Sadly because it's so beautiful

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    Re: Unfinished kits

    I find my build has been in waves.. of about 6 months. hopefully I'm now heading into the final wave.. lol

    I too have seen lot of builds going to waste, I think when you are building you need to set little targets and just keep setting them. If you look at the big target you will never get anything done!

    This weeks target is for me to cover and finish off my seat belt holder. Next week is to get the wiring done for my windows / locks.

    Then that's another month gone.. lol
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    Re: Unfinished kits

    Thanks for the replies guys.
    redhammer I think if you take the time you could probably pull off the interior.
    I have seen some upholstery done on these cars and I thought "how can someone let this get out the door"
    I have seen stitching that is all over the place.

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    Re: Unfinished kits

    stitching all over the place.....which on a Countach is good to know because the genuine one's that way, at least the dash area is... ;D


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    Re: Unfinished kits

    CdRsKuLL is absolutely correct.

    How do you eat an elephant? bite at a time.
    [size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Make a PLAN!!![/size][/size][/size][/size]
    People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

    Pick a small item and work on it until it's finished.
    Pick another item and work on that until it's finished also.
    IF you have done what 99% of people refuse to do (make a plan) then you already know what little project you will be working on next and have got the money set aside to do it.
    If you haven't made a plan, then it's harder. You argue with yourself about which item to work on next, whether to "take a break for awhile" (which is the death kneel for almost all kits! RARELY do builders ever start back, or if they do it's NOT with the same initiative and effort they once had. This is also doom for the kit, as a half hearted effort is just as demoralizing and fruitless as no effort at all.)
    Most importantly....KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!

    Go to a Ferrari or Lambo dealer, show, etc.
    See the real thing, drool on it. Imagine yourself in it.
    Where are you going to go first?
    READ magazines and books about your dream car, etc.

    If you know the "WHY", you'll figure out the "HOW".
    Good luck!

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