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Thread: Murci headlights

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    Murci headlights

    I've recently sold some 430 headlights and some parts to builders of another makers 430 kit and from that had 2 enquiries to make murci headlights. I think they picked up on an old post where, well I'll refrain from saying but I'm sure most will remember.
    As I said if they can get 4 people needing them I'll make them however as there waiting for other items they don't want to post and asked me to do it
    All I will supply is
    1) outer shell for water tight cover behind bulbs
    2)inner liner/lamp holder unit that you see through lens
    3)top cover plate that sits above the indicator and lamp units
    4) clear lens which is a plastic injection part not some vac formed part

    Price will depend on total amount people need I expect it to be 500 dropping to 350 each if enough are required

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    Re: Murci headlights

    can you produce the lp640 rear lights, i am am sure there are a lot of people out there interested

    here is some pictures

    and for sure you will be able to sell them 1.000 for a pair

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    Re: Murci headlights

    yes front and rear lights would be a good idea!

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    Re: Murci headlights

    Yes, i need front and rear. But the price that is higher than when used.

    Issue homologation. In order to log into the normal Road is a problem in Europe. I do not know how in America

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    Re: Murci headlights

    Hi all
    Just the fronts only
    We have the cad and made formers in the past all I need to do is Cnc machine another set
    It is not possible for me to do the rears as it would cost too much to do all work to make and I'm not in the business of selling murci just trying to help a few builders who are having problems
    Homoligation in germany is ok the light units from Opel astra have EU stamp on them the lens is just clear so it does not need EU stamp

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    Re: Murci headlights

    Can you do just the lens and if so how much ??

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    Re: Murci headlights

    I apologize for my English. I did not write that it is expensive. My translator's poorly worded ... I want to say that if the price will be not higher than if used, will be interested many candidates. including me

    So how many pairs of complete front lights? USD or Pounds? In the event that you send to the Czech Republic

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    Re: Murci headlights

    Hi peggy
    At this time it would only be the assemblies as above it's simply not worth me doing all and selling only lenses as I said I don't make the kits so I don't get the return
    Hi bierhanzel
    Until I know numbers required they'll be 500 Gbp each maybe less if enough orders it costs less to make 25 in one batch instead of 5 in a batch it's that simple.

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