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    Well ive been gone for a while I just joined the airforce so now i have the car an money to start a build. At first i wanted to do a build on some sort of sports car but I will be stationed in alaska so a sports car would be useless. However i did buy a small suv and i have some plans for it tell me what yall think.

    + + the engine from this

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    Re: Hello

    No way dude, it's gotta be this all the way!
    Think about driving this around on base! LOL !
    Some crusty Master Sargent would probably give you a ration of @#% about it, but the CO would be asking you if he could have his picture taken in it!
    Might even make the internet email rounds as a "Air Force's new terrorist fighting weapon"
    You'd have your very own Snopes story!

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    Re: Hello

    ;D I think I just found the grille for my 355,,,, I will cut out the mustang Grille.. ;D

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