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  • Experienced builder: less than 6 months

    1 5.26%
  • 1st time builder: less than 6 months

    2 10.53%
  • Experienced builder: +/- 1 year

    1 5.26%
  • 1st time builder: +/- 1 year

    1 5.26%
  • Experienced builder: between 1 and 2 years

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  • 1st time builder: between 1 and 2 years

    4 21.05%
  • More than 2 years

    1 5.26%
  • Forever (still building)

    9 47.37%
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Thread: How long did it take to finish your kit?

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    How long did it take to finish your kit?

    Hi all.
    A recent post from a member of the forum (alpina-ferrari) made me wonder.....and worry a bit. I am a first time builder clos to make the step of buying the kit; i've got some skills with fyber but none in mechanics. When i read about kitcars and average built time in kitcar builder's sites they mostly talk about few months (hours). I am just curious about how this applies to reality and how long does normally take to build in fact a kit car for the average user. Wile i know that is not easy to answer and mostly depends from how much time you can invest in your hobby, i hope that the options of the poll can help to give a useful indication.
    Thanx for voting

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    Took me about a year start to finish on this most recent 308 replica. I had some experience "fiddling with" and reworking my previous one.

    However with this current one, From Day One, I planned to do another V8 Swap. Either 4.9 or another SBC (Decided on the SBC).

    So . . . after 6 plus years of being finished, I decided about 2 years back to start "ripping into it" again.

    The SBC Swap is done. I'm just finishing my exhaust now. Since it was an Auto trans before - I certainly couldn't leave it like that so I converted to a Getrag. I just need to run my clutch line and install my pedals and finish my wiring.

    And . . . I decided to rework my front end to use real hood vents, better pop-up headlights and real vents behind them as well as my latest "project", trying to create real GTB side glass , which is coming along nicely.

    And. . . . While I was at it. Why not install a new interior. It's actually a 355 style dash, and custom door panels that I'm finishing now.

    So . . . even after you get them done - you're never really ALL THE WAY DONE ! The above work has taken me about 2 years working a few hours a month but I'm rolling along very good now so I expect to have her back on the road in a few months now.

    Here are some older pics:
    Previous Builds: AF - 308 Replica w/ V8 & GM F-body Testarossa Replica
    Current Toys: 308 V8 Project #2, 91 V-12 Jaguar XJ-S Coupe. 1983 Hurst\Olds, 1979 Trans/AM - 468CID Bracket Car.

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    Mine is taking forever but mostly by my own doing. I have changed how I wanted to build this car at least 3 times already. The best suggestion I can give to you is to decide what you want out of the finished product. For example do you want a 100% accurate replica or one that sort of resembles it. If you want one that is accurate then spend the money up front and get one that was molded off an original car. This will cost a lot more but worth it in the end when you are not spending hundreds of hours redoing all the panels. At the same time I wouldn't go out and spend the extra cash on an accurate kit if your happy with it not being accurate. Also try to stay away from the dreded "while I am at it" syndrome. This is were you start aren't or changing things that sound good at the time.

    Good luck, do your research, figure out a budget and triple it and most of all.... Ask for help!

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrari Berlinetta
    Also try to stay away from the dreded "while I am at it" syndrome. This is were you start aren't or changing things that sound good at the time.
    Very sound advice there!

    Also, remember, it's gonna take longer cost more, and be more difficult than you originally thought.
    If you keep this in mind, you won't blow your top, or get discouraged when it happens.

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    Geez- I just spent 20 minutes typing up a reply for this thread and it didnt post....... ??? Oh well..... I will try again later....

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    my daytona spyder took me one year, doing about 2 hours a day, than my testarosa took me about 8 months, my porsche speedster took me about 14 months, it just depends on how much time you want to spend on your kit weekly, but of course i have been doing this for 15 years ;D ;D

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    I guess it all boils down to the quality you demand of your finished product.
    If you don't mind having one "of those kits" that are an abomination and laughed at by even other "kit" car owners...give yourself a couple of weeks to finish it and get it painted for $200 at Earl Schieb's paint shop!
    If, as I suspect you are, a bit more demanding and want a car you can be proud of regardless of accuracy, then expect a year. If you're really a nit picker like me.....well, I'm still working on it and it's almost two years now. 1 year of nothing but planning and research, acquiring real Ferrari parts as I find them, and now, as of just a few weeks ago I've started the actual building part of the project. For which, I'm giving myself till next spring to finish it ready for paint. But it's gonna be a real looker and will be hard to spot as a "kit" even for owners of the real thing.

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    There is no set timeframe per se, too many variables. What you should just understand is a scratch build from frame up is VERY time consuming. You will be amazed at the amount of time you spend not just finding, buying, and getting parts, but then modifying in every possible way parts to fit even the best kit. You should have a strong grasp of mechanical and electrical parts, and of general workings of auto systems as well. This hobby isnt suited for noobs, and I have a huge feeling most kits get sold unfinished by people just over their heads. I'm finishing up my Diablo and it will be a very high quality build, and I feel more than comfortable welding, working with wiring, suspensions, bodywork, and let me tell anyone who thinks they can build a car in 6 months time without cutting corners or having their life totally consumed is kidding themselves. These cars take time, but they do go faster if you have experience..thats just the plain reality. Also be prepared to bleed and get bruised, and throw parts around the garage. I work 8 hours a day on my car, then work 8 hour night shift and sleep 4-5 hours a day..weekends I take off and i'm in this car over 10 months and its about 80 percent done. I may have a shop paint it though that will save me alot of work and I dont think i could pull off a factory Lambo look paint job in my garage anyways.

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    jntramey, and whoever else wants to chime in, this is what I`m wondering about.
    Take a certain manufacturers body kit, say a really decent one, and take two different builders.
    One, some one who is basically an expert at building replicas and someone who is just proficient at general automotive work.
    If they used similar wheels and badges, etc. besides the paint and lining up all of the various gaps in the doors, hood, etc, what makes a replica a show stopper compared to an abomination.
    Thanks in advance, because this is a learning experience for me.

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    Re: How long did it take to finish your kit?

    Given the two different experience levels in your example...
    I'd say the real difference was not in ability provided the lesser gets help with the hard stuff, as much as how LONG it would take for the lesser experienced builder to accomplish the same task....SO LONG AS THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL WAS EQUAL.
    And that's the real crux of the matter isn't it?
    The difference between the abomination and the show stopper is attention to detail.
    The show stopper has been lovingly attended to the smallest detail, the time being taken to get it right, not just "close enough".
    The show stopper will have people noticing that the door gaps are equally spaced and look perfect...
    The abomination will have people noticing just the opposite!
    The difference between "WOW!!" and "er,..uh,,... yeah"

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