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Thread: just buy dna, and i need a builder

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    just buy dna, and i need a builder

    look guys, people have so many troubles when it comes to finding a decent company- so many horror stories, im fed up of reading how this one scammed that one, how that guy was ripped off, if you dont do the research you only have yourselves to blame, if your based in the UK, or US just stick with dna, they are good guys, have good products, the only way forward and that is safe are simple builds, but quality builds, im buying my scud kit in april, and looking for a builder so if dna can help or can recommend anyone that will be great, or if any of you that have built one want a job please pm me, many thanks

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    Re: just buy dna, and i need a builder

    Xpert360 is your main man for the build he has alot of experience and top quality work.

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    Re: just buy dna, and i need a builder

    Dean at Whodeanie Customs in Woodstock, GA (near Atlanta) is someone i highly recommend. He is working on my car as we speak and is definatly one of the good guys.

    I get so tired of watching people blow money on the fly by nights and guys like Dean get overlooked. He updates your build with pictures every step of the way,...i don't know how he finds the time to do it, but he does. The guy is incredible.

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    Re: just buy dna, and i need a builder

    DNA is building mine and the last time I was there they were building another. Why not have them build it. Even if the kit was available at the time I ordered mine I would have had them build it for me.

    Wow, I did not realize they are selling the kits now! Any how good luck.

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    Re: just buy dna, and i need a builder

    Auto Transformations near Hullare building mine. Great price and great work. Mine is an Extreme 360 but the DNA is an easier build so they should have no problems doing it. This is mine so far (headlights not bolted in yet):-

    They are on 07719 066026 if you want a chat (just mention that Chris Valentine gave you their details).

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    Re: just buy dna, and i need a builder

    Dragon Exotics (they're on here seem to do really good work so they're definately worth getting in touch with. I know they're buildin a 5cudo at the moment.

    Equally, DNA do a build service although I've no idea how busy they are or what their pricing is like..

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    Re: just buy dna, and i need a builder

    Fox Man Chris... you're so lucky I hate you! LOL J/K. Extreme 360 is one of my favorites but there isnt a pug in the states. And I tried desperately to have one shipped but it's very difficult. Anyway you're car is looking...well...foxy! lol.

    Back to who should build your car, I think DNA can do a good job. Xpert360 is a solid guy too. If you live in the states i think any old mechanic can piece it together. The car isn't rocket science and I heard it's the easiest build to date.

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