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Thread: Information on Testarossa Kits

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    Information on Testarossa Kits

    Hey there guys. I can't seem to find a dang Testarossa kit, or even a completed one, for sale anywhere! I'm looking for any information or build threads/ thoughts on a Testarossa project. Or perhaps links to anyone who is selling or will be selling their coupe now or sometime in the near future. Pretty much my dream kit!


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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

    I understand your frustration, there is info out there but you really have to look for it. I was lucky to find a CK3 convertible a few years back and I love it. I would post pics if I knew how. PM me with your questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

    Well, I was gonna tell you to check out but looks like he's out of the replica biz now - although he might have some kits still around, who knows. You could always email the owner of the site and ask. Their Testarossa kits were freakin' unreal looking, at least the finished ones were. I can't imagine the amount of work that went into the ones he used to have on his site because they were immaculate and, to just about anybody, spot on. Check with him and see if he's got a body around. If i remember correctly he used to have a blurb on his site saying his molds were for sale.

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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

    Thrin, I emailed the owners of cool custom cars and asked them if they had any kits still and if not did they sell the moulds - and if they did sell the moulds if they knew if they new owner would be interested in selling a kit. Obviously I didn't ask for any personal or contact info - I just asked the questions and we'll see if they respond. If they do I'll copy/paste it here for you to see.

    Testarossa replicas do pop up from time-to-time on ebay so keep a lookout there too.

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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

    thank you very much Donnie! I do try to keep a look out on ebay. there's a beautiful Testarossa (convertible) for 23k in hawaii, however, I live in new york so it's out of the question (not going to buy site unseen).

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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

    A fellow just outside of Calgary Alberta Canada has the CK3 moulds for the Testarossa, Testarossa wide body, M and a few other variations. He is in business and can pull some panels for you.

    I can confirm that his has everything needed as I helped him sort out the mould parts and also took pics of a wide body out of the moulds for another fellow on the forum.

    Thomas Squires is a good guy to deal with.

    PM me and I will give you his contact number and you can call him directly and chat with him.

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

    Thrin, see below, this is the response I got from cool custom cars. They've got the molds and I'm telling you these cars were freakin' sharp - the best I'd ever seen. Give him a call and see what you can find out.


    We still have the molds for the TR and Testarossa and 355 versions

    Ron Larson
    218 773 7700

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    Hi Im a member of the website (kit car site) and one of the members was asking about Testarossa kits, who sells them, etc. I popped over here to your site to get some info for him because you guys had the most immaculate, spot on replicas Id ever seen. But it looks like you guys are out of the kit biz and thats a shame since the cars were incredible looking. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys still had any of the kits around? If you sold the moulds do you know if the new owner is open to being contacted by a kit enthusiast looking to buy a kit? Obviously Im not looking for any personal info or contact info Im just trying to help one of the members out who says hes looking for a kit.

    Thank you very much for your time! Your golf cars look great my 10 year old daughter is drooling over the Escalade

    Donald Price
    Bessemer City, North Carolina

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    Re: Information on Testarossa Kits

    Try this Koenig:

    Or this one:



    And this is my CK3 Bought it from Bob and Blaine`s orginal car:

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