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Thread: Picture Challenge!

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    Picture Challenge!

    :-* Here's a good one for all you incredibly knowledgeable fanantics out there! Does anyone know, or have, a picture of the non-stretched countach next to a stretched version ??? I don't recall seeing one in all my internet travels. Most of the shots are from the front or a quartering picture. I imagine this is to sort of hide the "stubby" factor. I'm guessing that someone will have provided this picture within 24 hours,,,,,,,,THAT"S how sure I am in you guys! Good luck and happy hunting! 8)

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    Re:Picture Challenge!

    I thought Euro-works had a pic like that, but I guess I was wrong. The closest I could find was two seperate pics of each car from the same angle. You can really see the difference. I think I like the looks of the unstretched version more, even though it's not "correct".
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    Re:Picture Challenge!

    How are these?

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    Re:Picture Challenge!

    Those are pics of the Mirage S and the Mirage K. Both kits but one is indeed stretched while one is not.

    If you have read my Kit Build Diary site, you will see that I almost purchased the Mirage K but ultimately chose the Mirage 355 (no relation)... Kinda ironic that they were both knows as "Mirage"

    I still like Euro-works and would like to someday build one of their cars.

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    Re:Picture Challenge!

    We need a pic of the white non-stretched mirage completely from the side...
    they always seem to show a slight angle to them which makes it hard to compare the lines of the two cars.
    I know that the side intake vents are lowered and shortened and the wheel wells more rounded in order to create an optical illusion, however it would be nice to see the effect side by side...

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    Re:Picture Challenge!

    ;D Nice job for only 24 hours! Isn't it funny how you can never seem to find a "shorty" pic from the side though? And doesn't it seem as though they all have the flat front glass?Thanks for the effort! :-*

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    Re:Picture Challenge!

    A Prancing Horse will ALWAYS back away from a RAGING BULL

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    Re:Picture Challenge!

    You can take a look at mine... Not finish yet,but you can compare it...

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