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    Re: LP750

    this car is build by a guy named Edo Karagebovic or rather by his company edo competition...
    this company is baswd in germany and the owner is i think croatian by origin...
    these guys from this company are great ....
    the had their hand on the most exotic cars in the world
    for example the koenigsegg ( 1st gen) they tuned it up to 890hp ^^ xD cuz the car did not achieve the promised 800 hp it had only 700
    so the owner was unconfident and paid them ---> 890hp ^^
    then they made a **** FXX **** street legal !!!!
    then they tuned the maseratimc12 corsa, cayenne , i think every porsche...
    crazy guys
    i love'em ^^

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    Re: LP750

    awesome colorcombination matte black with that green

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