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Thread: four58 copy from original

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    four58 copy from original

    Hi guys

    i have original four58 and am planning to make a mold for my self as i was building scuderia on 360 but now changin plans as i can do the four58
    iam original in middle east but i know no one will buy from there i didnt post anything but now am working in luton uk so if anyone really interested on that kit i can bring it to uk with me on my cost and if there is real interest i can post some pics later even while molding i also can ship to anywere


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    Re: four58 copy from original

    Trust me there's real interest for a four58! Post pics. There has to be 1 UK member willing to take on this project.

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    Re: four58 copy from original

    yes there is interest in this project. Do you have the car in the uk now? If you need help producing the moulds I am not too far away. I work as a composite engineer for a company making carbon parts for oem supercars and motorsports, so making high end tooling is an everyday job for me. I can't say I've moulded a full car before but if you want oem replica panels that shouldn't be a problem. Let me know if I can help

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    Re: four58 copy from original

    you are in Middle east or UK ?

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    Re: four58 copy from original

    Hey Maba, I don't understand your post.. at all.. ???
    Where are you located?
    What do you need?
    What do you have?
    Please clarify..

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    Re: four58 copy from original

    From what I gather, he has access to a real 458. He is originally from the middle east, and lives there. He wants to Mold it for himself, and wants to know if anybody is interested in buying kits since he knows nobody from the middle east will/can afford one? He is also able to ship worldwide.

    My answer, there is plenty of interest in a genuine mold 458. bring it!

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    Re: four58 copy from original

    @8c than mate but the car in kuwait now so i cant use ur help unless if u want to fly to me lol

    @Yildirim Khan am in kuwait now for easter break and the car also but i live in uk

    @caligula i have the original car and i will mold it for my self but if there is interest in uk i can ship it to uk on my cost as usualy ppl dont trust to do business with any country in middle east

    @Whisper2Me in middle east the can afford belive me but i dont have tiime to do that now also in middle east u cant register kit car so for my self am using f 360 as donor

    i will post some pic when i start to mold and it will be in the next 2 days

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    Re: four58 copy from original

    Looking forward to the pics. This is how you start the summer off right 8)

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    Re: four58 copy from original

    LOL, only in the ME would you use a 360 as a donor.
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    Re: four58 copy from original

    maba7, Thanks 4 response.. I am located in NYC.. I have "very heavy hitters" located in England who own multiple real Ferrari's. These guys that I know purchase them for status. (i have one guy who wasn't sure whether or not he owned a 360 or 430). I believe with a good business plan, they will accommodate us (provided) that you come with an A game. This could be a very lucrative endeavor here in NYC for a splashed 458. Quite frankly. With that being said, I cannot go forward unless you are extremely clear in your intentions. If you PM me, I will PM you back some pics with these contacts provided you do not share pics on forum. Hope to hear from you soon.

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