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Thread: Beany's DNA F430 Spider BUILD

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    Beany's DNA F430 Spider BUILD

    Hi guys,

    I guess time is well overdue that i introduced myself on the Mad Mechanics site. I actually became a member back in 2010 but have been so wrapped up with building my DNA F430 Spider and producing a comprehensive build thread on the DNA Owners Club Forum(, that i kind of forgot about things here.

    Anyway, since Stoneleigh last weekend i have been asked a few times to post some photos of my finished car on Mad Mechanics, so here you go.

    I built my Spider on a black 2002 Toyota MR2 Roadster purchased in April 2010. I commenced the strip down in June 2010, collected my kit in the second week of August 2010 and had her on the road April 2011. I have carried out all the work myself with the exception of paint and fitting the soft top.

    I don't seem to be able to attach photos, so hopefully these links will work.

    Here is the MR2 that i started with.

    Here it is stripped ready for the kit.

    Here she is finished and at Stoneleigh.

    Below is a link to a walk around video of my finished car.

    I hope these links have all worked and you are able to view them, if not maybe the site administrators can point me in the right direction.

    Beany ;D

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Well it would appear that the links work, albeit a bit long winded, so here are a few more.

    And a couple of the interior, all my own upholstery work, before the stereo was wired in.

    I hope you enjoy these, i am really pleased with the end result, especially as this is the first car that i have ever built.

    I cannot recommend the DNA product higly enough.

    Beany ;D

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Very impressive car you built there especially for a first build!

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Wow. I love that car. Very nicely done.

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Awesome job!

    Wish there were more DNA builds in the US! How many have been done in the US? anyone know?
    White Fugazzi Bentley Supersport Convertible GTC

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Hi guys, I thought i'd have a go at transferring the stages of my build, from the DNA Owners Club forum to Madmechanics as the world should not miss out on how great these cars are and the reactions of people when you drive one of these is just priceless.

    All of my following posts will show the various stages i went through on the 10 month build. I hope you enjoy it and that some of you are inspired to follow suit.

    Many thanks,

    Beany ;D

    Well, work has been preventing any progress on the car for the last few days, but I think i have finally managed to reduce some photos to a small enough size to be able to post them, so here goes.

    This is the MR2 I am basing my build on. A black 2002 model, with manual transmission. Purchased originally because i was planning on the finished article being black, but have since changed my mind.

    And, as promised, a couple pictures of my attempt at embroidery and automotive upholstery. The Prancing Horse is a bit larger than the genuine article, but when i am not trying to replicate a genuine interior, i think i can get away with it.

    Hi Guys,

    A little more progress to report, Pics as follows:

    Pic 1: Removed O2 sensors from manifold to check condition of Pre-Cats, appeared OK from top side.
    Pic 2: Removed Manifold to check underside of Pre-Cats, there were very early signs of degredation, so i decided to remove them to protect the engine.


    Pic 3: Pre-Cat material removed to where it can cause no harm. This comes out fairly easily using a long screwdriver and hammer.
    Pic 4: Pre-Cat free Manifold. No longer a threat to my engine. A good blast of air from the compressor has removed any potentially harmful remeining fragments. If you carry out this procedure, remember to where a facemask so as not to breath in the harmful material.

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    On to the body work now.

    Car is fully stripped of all body panels, most of the interior, and i have also removed the door glass. Gonna have these tinted, while they are out of the car.

    Body has been marked up with all cut and fold lines. For a more accurate guide to carry out this process, i paused and took stills of the 430 Build Videos at particular points, then put them in to a document and printed them out for easy reference.

    Passenger side has been cut and folded where applicable and red oxide primer applied to protect any bare metal.

    Pics as follows:

    Pic 1: Passenger door marked for cutting.
    Pic 2: Passenger door outer and centre door skins cut and door mirror mounting plate removed. I used a 3" Air Cut off tool for this job, thinking it would be a quick process, however it took a fair while, although the time was worth it for a nice neat cut, as opposed to using an Angle Grinder. The lower door line for the F430 is now clearly visible.

    Pic 3: Cuts made behind Passenger door, to metal work and rear hood trim.
    Pic 4: Rear Quarter folded over and air inlet raised to higher position to align with 430 intake.
    Pic 5: Rear Bumper bar shortened.
    Pic 6: Inner skin of door folded to allow fitment of replacement door card.

    All cutting and folding, with the exception of front arches (waiting until i have my wheels to get correct clearence in front arches), is now complete, ready for the rear of the kit and door panels to be placed straight onto the car when i unload them, saving on limited storage space. I have also fitted the Storm single wiper conversion and polished short shift gear lever and gear knob. I did manage to sheer a bolt securing the gear change mechanism in place, this was due to the rear right mounting partially sitting on a press line in the metal bracket that the centre console screws to. This mounting has now been trimmed to clear the press marking and has bolted down tight, producing a lovely short and positive gear selection. It looks good too! Will post a picture next time.

    Waiting for Roland to return from holiday now, so he can give me a date to collect my kit. HURRAH!!!!!!!!

    I'm like a little kid. Bet i won't sleep the night before going to DNA HQ. LOL!


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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Well had a very long day yesterday, having worked a night shift and then travelled to DNA to collect my kit. Unfortunately i didn't take any photos while i was there, as i was on information overload from Roland and Brian, Cheer guys, no doubt i will be ringing for advice soon though lol.

    Thanks for all the pointers though, if i have remembered half that you told me i should do alright.

    When i got back i had to unload the van quickly in order to get it returned before the rental company closed. this resulted in panels and boxes taking up three rooms of the house, just after the cleaner had finished. She was obviously not impressed. Oh well!!!!! I have now managed to slot them all into just two thirds of the dining room. No dinner parties for a few months then. lol!

    The rear of the car has been placed straight on to the donor and the door panels taped in place. On quick inspection yesterday i need to do a little fettling to get the door panels fitting perfectly. will hopefully get this done over the weekend and get the rear temporarily fixed in place.

    I am taking photos, but will post them in the week, along with progress made over this weekend.
    Managed to get a fair bit done over the weekend and am really happy with progress so far, despite taking the time to put on, take off, sand a little here and there, put back on, take back off again. You get the picture! Lol! I now have a rear a front clip and two doors fixed in position with bolts and tec screws. All swage lines appear to be true, to my eye anyway, and panel gaps are looking good.

    The gap where the doors leading edge meets the front wing, still needs opening out a little, especially on the driver side, but the passenger side door is now opening without any contact on the wing. I still need to do a little fine tuning here to open the gap a little more, to take account for the many layers of paint and laquer that will go on. WHAT SIZE GAPS HAVE PREVIOUS BUILDERS GONE TO PAINT WITH, IN ORDER FOR DOORS TO STILL CLEAR ON OPENING?

    Now for the photos.

    First photo shows numerous boxes of parts, wheels and panels that i managed to cram into my dining room, after returning from DNA on Thursday.

    Photo 1: Rear end placed on car and door panel taped in place, on returning from DNA. This really is the best place to store the rear end.

    Photo 2: Initial fitting of passenger door panel and setting of door shut gap.

    Photo 1: Headlight carriers and front clip support fixed in place. Front clip bracket adjustable until final position determined. Was breaking a lot of drill bits, so went to screwfix and bought a very expensive set of Cobalt bits, worth every penny, no problems since. Buying quality always pays.

    Photo 2: If you are going to build one of these fantastic cars, or any other fibreglass car, i would recommend buying one of these electric files. I reckon this tool has saved me hours already. With a gentle touch you can file precisely to a drawn line, and it leaves a nice edge too.

    Photo 1: Passenger side, after a few hours of fettling, screwed into position. All swage lines running true and gaps nearly even, just a little more work needed for me to be totally happy.

    Photo 2: Driver side, same as above. Initially had very little gap at front of door, after fitting the front clip. Moved door panel back slightly, producing tighter gap at rear of door and opening out front. Gap between door and front wing still needs widening a bit and clearence for the door to open, sorting.

    All panels now Tec screwed and bolted in their final position, and front clip support bracket location permanently fixed. It cab take a little while to get everything aligned, but with a little perseverance it all comes together.

    Photo 1: Rollbar carrier fitted, simple bolt in using existing mounts.

    Photo 2: Rollbar carrier mounting points.

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Photo 1: Rollbar carrier surround fitted. Holes still to be cut out later.

    Photo 2: Rear end, all aligned and secured with tec screws. Sections marked to be removed for lights and grill. This will be done using air cut off tool and my new trusty Black and Decker power file

    Passenger door/front wing gap and swage lines aligned, and opening fully with no contact. Gap needs to be opened a little further to allow for paint thickness.

    Here's a couple more photos of how things stand after about 12 hours work. A testament to the quality of the DNA product i think, as i have never built a kit car before. I know it's early days, but i am loving every minute of it so far.

    I'm waiting for a few last bits to arrive from DNA, hopefully tomorrow and plan to get the suspension sorted and the wheels fitted this coming weekend. That way i'll be able to get a better idea of how things are looking and check that the back end is centred correctly. Should get front bumper on as well and work on those door gaps a little.

    Have done a little work on the dummy brakes this evening, adding a bit more detail with bleed nipples and brake pipes. Have decided to paint the disc bell and use stainless bolts. Will post some before and after pics when i've finished one.
    Progress has continued this last weekend, with front and rear suspension mods carried out, spacers and dummy brake caliper mounts fitted, wheels fitted (I love my wheels! According to my wife i've even been talking about them in my sleep. Lol!) and i managed to get the front bumper on.

    More details and photos, below as usual.

    Photo 1: First rear spacer fitted, using front Toyota wheel nuts, as they were shorter than rears and fit within spacer. Tri-lock in photo will be replaced with a ground down rear wheel nut, as i am unsure if a tri-lock will be strong enough to withstand removal, once it has been loctited.

    Photo 2: Rear outer spacer added and secured with the supplied allen bolts, all will be loctited for final fitment. Nuts secure the rear wheel.

    Photo 1: Rear wheel fitted. I have had the Scuderia style wheel powdercoated in a high gloss black as this is inkeeping with my final colour scheme. Make of that what you will, but i am still not telling you the colour, Lol. This will obviously look better once the wheel arch liners are in and the fake brakes are fitted.

    Photo 2: New meets old! Difficult to see the actual size difference here, but it is huge. 215/ 19's on front and 245/19's on rear.

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    Re: Beany's DNA F430 Spider

    Photo 1: Rear lowered coil spring fitted. Drop links can be a bit of a nightmare to undo, but persistance pays off. Luckily I had no problems with seized nut and bolts, but I have been giving them a regular soaking in WD40 over the last few weeks.

    Photo 2: Front suspension - New replacement wishbone, Ball joint, Strut to Hub Carrier adapter and Track rod extension. The drop link on the front requires the upper rubber and washer reducing in circumference so they fit within the wishbone.

    Photo 1: Track Rod extension. I added these and set the track rod end back to it's previous position. It wasn't until I tried to push the car back into the garage, that i realised the car was trying to split itself in two. The wheels are toing out quite a bit, so I will adjust and get these pointing straight ahead, then will get fully tracked up when complete.

    Photo 2: Strut to Hub Carrier adapter bracket, helps lower and widen track width, SIMPLES!

    Photo 1: Front spacer fitted. Studs knocked out of hub and replaced with bolts and sleeves supplied in kit. These are a bit tricky to get to, but a little grinding on a cranked ring spanner will see enough torque applied to tighten these sufficently. Again, for final fitment I will thread lock these. I plane to remove spacers and replace Toyota wheels for going to paint.

    Photo 2: Front dummy caliper mount. Both front and rear mounts fix by utilising the MR2 Caliper mounting bolts.

    Photo 1: Front wheel fitted, using Bolts. I bought 26mm bolts (All fixed 60degree taper, by the way. 17mm socket.) i think these will fit with the fake discs on, but at present the wheel sits about 2mm of hub, so i will probably shorten all the bolts by 2-3mm to be sure wheels are pulled in tight when discs are also fitted.

    Photo 2: As it stands after the weekend. Gap above wheels look a little large, but I am hoping this will lower a little further with the remainder of the kit weight and after it beds in a little with the many miles I will be driving it for. I'm taking delivery of a new Ford Galaxy in September, as a family car, but there is no exitement at all over that, it's all on the 430.

    I'm well happy with the progress, and the way it is looking. Seems a shame to pull it all apart to bond it together, but it has to be done. Probably going to be in a couple weeks time when it gets pulled apart and bonded though, as i'll be able to spend a bit more time getting the job done and my son will be around to give me a lift with the back end.

    Will hopefully get exhaust fitted next week. Can't wait to hear that noise. RRrrrrrr!!!!

    Oh! Also have to hammer the hell out of the front arches when the front clip is removed. Time to go out and buy a Fine Adjustment Tool, i think.

    Well, that is it for now, hope you are enjoying the write-up and pics. More to follow soon.


    One more photo for the road then!

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