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Thread: Carlisle 2011 Photos

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    Carlisle 2011 Photos

    Place your photos here for everyone to see.

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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos

    Very Nice. So what was the overall turnout like?

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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos

    looked like a very good show

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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos

    What a really nice place! Like a play garden for me and who loves kit cars and replicas. I hope I come sooner or later....

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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos

    ;D Some of my pics of the Carlisle Kitcar Show.

    Thanks Jimbo for bringing your car. Next year please enter it in the Standard of Excellence judging.

    RT was busy all day explaining his one of a kind innovations. Thanks for bringing your great car, RT.

    Jdinner's Award winning Diablo Coupe. Excellent Team effort. Thanks for bringing the car to the show. Did I say AWESOME???

    Cool body for a Cobra chassis.

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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos

    It has been rumored around MadMech that there is a NEED for MORE CARLISLE KITCAR PHOTOS!!! WELL................................ HERE THEY ARE.

    Next year, take your own pictures!!! It was a great show and worth the drive as I live in Michigan. I plan on providing "Name Tags" for everyone so that we can identify forum members. May 18-20, 2012. See you there.


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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos

    jdinner, what was the time of your award presentation??? We arrived at 1:30 pm thinking that the award ceremony was to be at 2:00 pm and found a "Ghost Town". There must have been 25 people in the grandstand??? I needed some tools from the vendors but they were all GONE!!! Carlisle needs to step things up. If the show is a 3 day show, then make it a 3-day show. Require vendors to stay until 3:00 pm. MOHO.


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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos

    We took our time on Sunday morning getting to the show and arrived at about 10:30.
    It was a ghost town then too. I asked around about the awards and one guy said, "here it is if you want it now".
    I jumped on it as the weather started to look bad for our drive back home.
    2:00 is the awards normally but We got out of there at about 12:00.
    It was a good thing because Canada Customs hates to see Canadians return to the mother land without a good frisking for a few hours.
    Guilty til proven innocent.

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    Re: Carlisle 2011 Photos


    I have to agree, the show wasnt that bad, but I never made it around to the rest of it, I was "stuck" on the Lambo side. It was good to see Fran's cars too, that guy will get you divorced with what he brought cause you can justify the need for at least 2 of everything that he had.... the orange SL-C it still haunts me

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