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Thread: DNA Scudo Questions

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    DNA Scudo Questions

    Ok this is a question to all building a scudo.

    I have just about finished my f430 spyder which i didnt buy from dna so took alot longer than i expected to finish approx 1 year.

    So my questions are who has finished building a scudo and how long did it take as I want to start a new build soon so I can have a convertible and hardtop version .

    What exactly was supplied and what did you need to source on your own.

    Were there any problems with the fiberglass parts eg fitment or waves as im looking at going black on this one.

    Is dna looking at building a 458 in the near future as I dont want to be half way through my build and find that out haha.

    If you can show me a list of parts which you needed to buy which aernt supplied.

    Do the comprehensive kits come with interior bits eg dash, door cards and engine cover.

    any info would be great

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    Re: DNA Scudo Questions

    Check out tese build threads by tenpin an billywhizz...
    Tenpin gives detailed info about the build... Billywhizz has just finished his 5cudo so he can tell you how long the build takes. Here are both links. DNA claims the 5cudo can be built within 100 hours(!). It is best to call them. They are more than helpfull.



    Do you have a build diary?! I'm verry curious about ypur build.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: DNA Scudo Questions

    hey no build diary i was lazy haha but pics will be up off all stages and of it painted etc soon

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    Re: DNA Scudo Questions

    Hi Replica_Man,
    I completed my 5cudo in around 6 months, this was my first build so I was frequently on the phone to the guys at DNA who were more than helpful and guided me along nicely. Most of my concerns were just to double check I was doing things right, I'm sure if you've already turned your hand at building a replica you'll breeze it and probably halve that time, just as I would if I built a second one!
    Panels took little blocking to smooth down and the finish is excellent, no ripples.
    I bought the comprehensive kit which had just about everything to complete the external build, contact DNA they're very approachable...

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    Re: DNA Scudo Questions

    give us a call we will be happy to help

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    Re: DNA Scudo Questions

    hey that sounds pretty good 6 months is alot better than my last build haha and its dna and I have heard only good things.

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