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    Hi, I have a friend that is interested in building the F430 on a peugeot 406 that Extreme sells. Anyone here knows if its an easy task or a pain like lambos?

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    Re: Extreme

    I would head over to the Extreme users forum and talk to the folks there that have built them and post diaries etc. A few folks here have built them if I remember but you will get much more info over on that forum.

    Good luck
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    Re: Extreme

    go to the extreme forum and ask the guys there, they will know

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    Re: Extreme

    be careful these guys are con artists, make sure you get all your parts before parting cash.

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    Re: Extreme

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeybusiness
    be careful these guys are con artists, make sure you get all your parts before parting cash.

    They are not "con artists" they are a genuine company, all be it with a poor reputation for customer service. There is abig difference between the two. I have not had problems when I have bought parts off them.

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    Re: Extreme

    True they are a legit company, but with other replica manufacturers out there it shows up their customer service or lack of it. They have a product which is unique in England and the demand still has people buying from them and taking a chance on after sales service.
    Like most things, it's a matter of balancing up the pros and cons of buying from extreme, if you want a Murci then they have them on offer, just make sure you keep a watchfull eye on all aspects of the purchase and except there may be some supply problems.

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    Re: Extreme

    tks, IŽll look up in the forum....

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