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Thread: New UK F40 Kit

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    New UK F40 Kit

    ANY ONE KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS??? Its not bad looking, massive effort I think. Looks a bit long at the back but there again Ive never seen one in the flesh


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    Re: New UK F40 Kit

    This car has been around for a very long time, at one point it was on ebay for Ģ25,000 but never sold.

    I'd have to call it inspired by the F40 rather than a replica.


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    Re: New UK F40 Kit

    This kit have a bad dimensions . The F40 of plastic have a very good look...and the F40 of enzodesign have a very look too. I donīt know why nobody have a moulds of this car make from original car

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    Re: New UK F40 Kit

    It's a fiiero factory kit adapted to fit the mr2

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