Guys you have no Idea what I stumbled on,its the greatest find!!!ever builder should have this number.I was so exited to have found it!!!!we are all like little henry fords(building cars from scratch) The number is to a company we all know MOTORMITE/help stuff .They are the people who make all the help section stuff in your local auto parts stores.I called them the other day and told them I was opening my own shop and I needed a copy of the catolog.They sent me about 6 catologs.I felt like a kid in a candy store looking through them.every nut ever put on a car,every bolt,every latch ,power window switch,etc....For the builders that have already started,have you ever got stumped on a section of your car trying to figure out what you could use to help you with this one section of the project that would look perfect???
what power window switch from what car would look best??????which knob do I like better?????Sorry Ill stop stauling here it is and make the call you will be glad you did
and no I dont work for them,nor did I start my car yet but man after going through these catologs this will really speed your project up being able to find the right part in a matter of minutes instead of hours in the junk yard.Or ordering something from somewhere that you didnt even see until it comes in.(oh there are pictures of every bolt,and part)I just had to tell you guys and help spread the knowledge.