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Thread: My Favorite DOHC V12 Is Getting Some Love

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    My Favorite DOHC V12 Is Getting Some Love

    The Mercedes M120 DOHC V12 for a while pretty much had a single youtube video that displayed its sound potential when the exhaust restriction was scaled back. That would be this video:

    Now there are several videos that place the sound of this V12 engine on display with several enhancements:

    It's still an engine that's about $1800 used on average. I can't for the first person to swap it into a mid engine car.

    GWA Ciento Once 408HP M120 Mercedes V12

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    Re: My Favorite DOHC V12 Is Getting Some Love

    a big difference in sound is the the stock m120's rev to 6000rpm or less while the zonda redline is around 8000rpm or more.

    I wonder if you could buy the parts from AMG to convert a stock m120 into the CLK GTR m120 version used in the zonda r.

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    Re: My Favorite DOHC V12 Is Getting Some Love

    I believe that the engine is limited by the computers, so at least 7-7500 is available once you get past that. I would also be interested to know if AMG will sell you parts to build your own.

    Of course it has been proven that they REALLY respond well to turbos, more than 1000hp is available from the M120 bt the problem is the torque more than 1100 will really put a hurtin' on most gear boxes

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    Re: My Favorite DOHC V12 Is Getting Some Love

    I've owned 2 sl600 with the m120 engine

    Amazing cars and would be an awesome kit engine were it not fir the insane electronics required

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