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Thread: chassis CAD software

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    chassis CAD software

    some time back I had found a very simple chassis CAD software. you specified it dimensions etc and it did all the back ground tasks for cut lines, tube lengths and even was able to print out wrap around sheet so that you can put it around the tube and trace for easy cutting.

    Does anyone seen something like that or are there alternatives and what do you guys are using for drawing plans??

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    Re: chassis CAD software

    What you are after is a program to give you tube mitre.

    This is for tube only though - very useful for those who dont have a tube notcher.

    I cut them out of paper, then transfer to a old toilet role (cardboard) so i could reuse it as i had the same cut to do a few times.


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    Re: chassis CAD software

    Toilet paper roll. That's so smart. I'll have to remember that one. U could just slide the roll over the tube and mark it and slide it off.make your cut. Over and over and have the exact same cut. Hehe cute idea.

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    Re: chassis CAD software

    thanks ftaffy, this will definetaly come handy for my controll arms. Its too bad that it does not do any square tubes

    However I was thinking more of complete cad that I can use to draw up entire chassis

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    Re: chassis CAD software

    In terms of complete cad, i use solidworks and weldmets. Fairly easy to get the hang off, just need some basic planes, 3d sketches, 2d sketches. Though i have not actually used the output to make a chassis, only used it to model up for test fitting parts. I am working on a BWM Locost (clubman).
    Not seen any really draw lines and bang you have a cut list of tubes options, if anyone knows of one it could be useful?


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    Re: chassis CAD software

    chimaera, try ViaCAD. It's a great 3D modeling software that is very easy to use. Best of all, it's very inexpensive (<$100). I like to call it a consumer version of SolidWorks. You could do a very impressive chassis very quickly and easily in ViaCAD, with either a round tube or square tube chassis.

    Don't misunderstand me, it won't do nearly everything SolidWorks will do, such as motion, FEA (stress analysis), or collision detection. But, as far as 3d solid modeling goes, you're not going to beat it for less than $1,000 unless you get its upgraded versions such as ViaCAD Pro or Shark. I like it better than Alibre.

    Check out the models I've done on my Facebook page:

    All of those were done with the basic version of ViaCAD except for the bbq grill. I did the grill on a trial edition of ViaCAD Pro, but it could have been done just the same on the basic version. The car is very basic, but I really did it as kind of a learning project. It was fun and not that difficult to do.

    For the record, I do not work for the company or earn anything from their sales. I do contribute to their user forum from time to time. However, I did use to work as a representative for SolidWorks, which I do believe is the best overall CAD package out there.

    One of the best things about ViaCAD is, if you create a pretty serious design, ViaCAD works with a ton of different file types making it virtually compatible with nearly every other CAD package out there, including SolidWorks. So, if you create a design you want to build but you want to have it "expert tested", you can export it to a file that a SolidWorks user (for example) can import and use so that it can be stress tested or whatever else you want tested.

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    Re: chassis CAD software

    So I tried this earlier on a ruckus style scooter im building and it worked perfect! Thanks for posting up that link! The toilet paper roll trick was cool.

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    Re: chassis CAD software

    OK that tube miter app works FANTASTIC. Now I guess I'll have to make one of my computers and printer a perminent fixture in my garage.

    As to the CAD what can I say, it will have to flow as learning curve. It looks good though for being simple.

    One question though. Can that file be imported into other apps for analysis? Or how much work will it be required to have it converted

    BTW Jets, that bike looks like its going to be a blast

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