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Thread: 2010 Ford Fusion wheels

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    2010 Ford Fusion wheels

    Maybe this is an old subject but has anyone else noticed that the New Fusion wheels look suspiciously like late Lamborghini Murcielago wheels? The Ford Taurus wheels look even closer IMO.

    I was thinking this on my own but then I found this link for discussion and Pics.

    They even have 17" plastic hubcaps you can get in the same style to cover up whatever wheel you want!! I think this is a real win for the budget minded builder.

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    Re: 2010 Ford Fusion wheels

    Yes, i rented one of those when i was in Toronto earlier this year and i thought the same thing...
    and speaking of that, im not a Ford fan, but the car was great to drive as well as fantastic on fuel !!

    but thats not what this post is about...

    so, yes i agree...

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