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Thread: Diablo replica in ebay! Read if your interested in it

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    Diablo replica in ebay! Read if your interested in it

    I ran across this Diablo replica in Virginia on ebay that strangely enough looks exactly like the one I was looking at the beginning of this year that Dan Todd from Alabama owned. Dan seemed to be pretty honest and straight forward about the car, whomever has it listed said in there ad they had countless hours and work into this car....the only thing I see different on the car from when Dan owned it is a stick on graphic on the side of it??? Doesn't seem too difficult. From all comparisons and pics I looked at from Dan this car needs alot of work still...reason why I passed. I would estimate the value of the car anywhere from 10 to 15 max. You judge for your self. The giveaway for me was the windshield banner and the floor mats. The car is listed on from when Dan owned it, it's still on there as I just checked. Here is the listing: FOR SALE or TRADE: Diablo 6.0 Replica built on a Pontiac Fiero, Title in hand, Alabama registered was Fiero, white gel coat exterior, rebuilt V6 2.8, automatic, after market ignition coil, DVD/camera complete audio system, stationary windows and mirrors, 90% complete, $22,800 Email Dan: Pictures/Videos!!

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    Re: Diablo replica in ebay! Read if your interested in it

    I agree its the same car I recognized the Phantom plate on the rear as well. Definitely the same car and the guy is now trying to flip with a huge pr fit.

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    Re: Diablo replica in ebay! Read if your interested in it

    $22,000 is a bit outrageous for that one. Maybe for a D&R or NAREC complete but never for an early IFG kit.

    There's also a Diablo 6.0 IFG just posted for much less and even comes with a 305 V8 for far less.

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