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Thread: What is this car worth?

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    What is this car worth?

    I was hoping to get some opinions on what this particular car. I was offered this car as a trade for my roadster. I am not into muscle cars, it would be something that I would take as a trade to sell it later on.
    Seller says it worth some good money but I have no knowledge in the muscle cars and what they are worth, specially something like this that's far from factory.
    Here us some info:

    1968 Pro-Touring Camaro is a total custom with a fresh 396 Big Block with a TH-400 and Ford 9-inch rear end with 4.10 gears. This Camaro has a one of a kind Custom 2 tone House of Colors paint job with orange neon under the car which turns on via remote key fob. This Camaro can be driven in city traffic and runs around 185-210 degrees in the summer heat. Here are a few of the details.

    Body: Shaved Door Handles (Open Via Remote Key Fob and from the interior)
    Shaved Drip Rails
    Shaved Marker Lights
    Custom Turn Signals molded with front lower valence
    Custom Rear Tail lights molded into tail panel
    Molded Front and Rear Bumper
    Shaved Firewall Polished
    Shaved and Molded Rear Spoiler and Trunk (Opens and Closes Via Remote with Linear Actuators)
    Smooth Cowl Panel
    Cowl Hood (Opens and Closes Via Remote with Linear Actuators)
    Custom Phantom Grill

    Interior:The dash, center console, and top of the door panels have all been custom fabricated out of steel.
    Custom Roll Cage
    Leather and Suede Custom Interior
    Autometer Ultralite Gauges
    Hurst Shifter
    Power Windows
    AirRide Control

    Memphis Amplifier
    Pioneer Head Unit
    Pioneer Sound Processor
    Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers
    Rockford Fosgate Tweeters
    Rockford Fosgate Speakers

    Suspension: RideTech Air Ride
    Front and Rear of Car raises at the push of the buttons on center console
    Also has remote Air Ride Control Via Remote Key Fob to raise and lower both front and rear of
    the car from outside.

    Wheels: Budnik 17 inch wheels

    Brakes: Aerospace front and rear 4 piston Calipars with drilled and slotted rotors

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    I would bet its equal to if not worth more than your roadster.

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    I agree;

    This car look very well done from the pics. If you are seriously thinking about getting it as a trade, and if it is close to you, spend the $200 or so and have the Camaro appraised. I would imagine there would be a larger market for a custom car like the Camaro than the more limited market we tend to see for replicas.

    If you are close, you could also take it to a custom car shop and get some opinions from the folks that live these types of vehicles. My thoughts anyway.

    Nice Camaro at a minimum though.

    Good luck with your decision.


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    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    Hey Redhammer, I've been into camaro's since I was 15 years old, I currently have a 68, 69, 73, 81, and a couple parts cars. I would say I know these cars pretty well as much as anyone else. What kind of roadster are you trying to swap him??? Curious because I have just gotten into the replica world within the past 2 years and I'm learning quite a bit about them. I have offered several people multiple muscle car trades of mine for a Diablo replica so I'm pretty familiar on the whole value swap idea. That camaro is probably worth a solid 30 to 35 grand. I've been offering my 67 SS Chevelle pro-street with a 427/400 turbo and 12 bolt 456, plus my 69 Dodge Charger R/T 440 General Lee replica both for a nice Diablo replica. I value my Chevelle at 30 grand and my General Lee at 20.

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    Its a nice show car, but to me the value is in the eye of the beholder, the car is no longer in its original form, and numbers don't match.
    don't get me wrong, i love show cars, and this is a beautiful car, but if i am being offered one in exchange, here is what i ask myself:
    can I take my roadster to the mall? to the beach? on a road trip? probably.
    would I take this car to the same place and leave it for any amount of time? probably not.
    if my roadster were to be damaged.(heaven forbid) could I repair it reasonably? (door dings, scratch etc) yes
    if this car received the same ding or scratch... i don't even want to know what it would take to fix it.
    not to mention being on the 6 o clock news that night for taking out the person that did it.
    when i get tired of baby sitting, and i want to sell it, or try and trade it, what will it take and what will it be worth then?
    not trying to suggest anything other than impulse buying and buyers remorse after the fact.
    would it make you happy to get rid of the roadster, and would it make you happy to have this car in its place?
    you would be the only person to make that choice.
    i would have to agree with one of the other posters, the value is easily in the 30K range for someone that wants that type of car.
    my 2 cents...


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    Re: What is this car worth?

    I really can't offer any opinion on what it actually may be worth, but if you're really not into muscle cars, it might not be worth messing with a trade. I guess the question would be..........Would you enjoy driving this Camaro for awhile? If so, it might be worth trading for, so that you can have another "toy" to enjoy for awhile. If not, you will be waiting for a buyer for this Camaro or for your Roadster just the same. At least you like your Roadster and can truly enjoy it while you're actively selling that car. That Camaro looks more like a show car which probably shouldn't be driven much to prevent any damage.........especially if you were trying to sell it at the same time. No doubt that Camaro has big $$$ invested into it, but it all depends on if you like it or not.

    I agree with Digibeam............The value is in the eye of the beholder! It will take that very specific person to buy this car that will like all of the custom features it has including the color. Nobody will really want to spend top dollar on something they do not like "all the way" and feel passionate about. For instance, let's say I loved everything about that car except the interior color.........that would be a deal breaker if the price was top dollar. If the car were 100% original, that would be a different matter what the color was, originality is a very high attraction to people.....just as long as it wasn't modified. What I'm saying is that an original car has a lot broader market than a highly modified car, hence easier to sell.

    As mentioned above, I can't comment on the actual value since I don't know anything about these cars, but if it's worth $30-$35K like others here have mentioned, I would think your Roadster is worth more than that.

    .......That's just my 2 cents worth! Good luck in whatever you decide!

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    IMO, the value of the camaro is eqaul to the asking price of the your roadster which in my eyes is a bit pricey for the current market. A few years ago a replica roadster could pull upwards of 60k. In todays market's the pricese have been hovering around 30-38k.
    You could probally sell the camaro next cruising season with just a few runs to the local hang out.

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    Thanks for all the responses and opinions. If I were to trade I'd just sell the camaro, not interested or have special desire to keep the car for a long period of time.
    Seller claims it's worth over 60k, definitely has lot more invested into it then 60k but it's a tough decision.

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    Hey Redhammer, just a little more info. on the camaro. The term pro-touring became popular with the inception of Hot Rod magazines Power Tour, these type of cars are built to be catching to the eye, fast yet meant to drive cross country if so desired. The Power Tour made these cars popular because so many people wanted to join in a long haul cruise and most hot rods are not built for such trips. So in saying it's a pro-touring car it was built to drive, hence the forementioned it running cool in traffic. As some of the other posters mentioned, the car is ultimately only worth what someone is willing to pay, the owner may have 60 plus in his car, is it worth it??? Maybe to someone that money is not a object, but in today's economy doubtful, such as what we put into our replicas the value is not always greater than what we invest. You would have to find the right person for the Camaro just as well as the right person for replicas. It just ultimately has to be a decision you feel comfortable with. Good luck, and hope it works out well for you either way.

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    Re: What is this car worth?

    Do not know but hell I would buy it no matter what! ... She is so sexy! ;D

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