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Thread: RCR in Kit Car Builder

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    RCR in Kit Car Builder

    I saw the great spread about RCR in this months Kit Car Builder. I have always been very impressed with Fran's workmanship and the article did not do him justice. At the NCKCC car show today a RCR roadster (exoskeleton) was there. The quality of the build is just amazing. I could not believe how advance the car was. I also liked the bullet knuckles. Thanks again Fran for pushing the kit car industry forward.

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    More cudos to Fran and RCR (not me) for the SL-C being featured on Stacey David's Gearz. The project looks awesome and can't wait for the next episode (seen 2 so far).

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    Made you want to whip out the check book didnt it?????

    You should see the SLC!!!!!!

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    Thanks guys...much appreciated...

    We have a new car coming out soon thats going to be a blast and less than half the cost of the SLC kit too....currently going by the name GTA...keep an eye out for it...

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    ah man the SLC has got to be my favorite car , one I would love to have but at 44k for kit little bit out of my income level.....

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