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Thread: stolen dj 360 kitcar

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    stolen dj 360 kitcar

    i was about to sell my kit car in london with the help of a relative and the car was stolen. i live in an other country, can anyone help me what needs to be done reporting it stolen?

    and maybe anyone seen it somewhere? i still have a key for it and all the paperwork...

    Plate: oji4748 but i guess it will be removed. front plate was a sticker only, maybe it will leave marks when removed.

    red color

    special signs: no dashboard (the guy drove off without it)
    no rear quarter window on the passenger side, and driver side rear quarter window is sticked with carbon vinyl
    430 interior with engine start button installed near the h-gate.
    carbon-look seats with HD Racing text on it

    ill post some pics, pls let me know if you see or hear anything.

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    Re: stolen dj 360 kitcar

    I f***ing haaaaaaaaaate thieves! Sorry to hear that bro, if I lived anywhere near there I would be banging down doors trying to find your car! But seriously you should have called the cops right away! Let us know how it turns out and as dumb as criminals are I wouldn't be surprised if it turns up (maybe in parts) on eBay or a local classifieds like craigslist or something. I wish you the best!

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