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Thread: The Good Guy / Thanks Thread

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    The Good Guy / Thanks Thread

    I wanted to balance out all of the 'news' we hear and while it's helpful to hear when someone isn't playing fair, I thought it was just as important to hear about the 'Stars' and goodguys.

    Soooo I'd like to say a big thank you to Mr Ferrari for all of the help he gave me in my last (part) build. The guy has a heart of gold and even though he was going through some personal stuff, still made time to drive the not inconsiderable distance to my place to help me out.

    Thanks to Tenpin and CdrSkull (sorry Steve did I get that right?) for all their help and advice.

    The moderators of this forum also deserve thanks from me - 9 days and 12 hrs of log time over the past ??? Years! It's a difficult and often thankless task. Keep it up guys and don't let this place become a ghost town!

    Now it's your turn; someone lent you that part to copy? Helped you out with a tough part of your build? Say thanks and let everyone else know the great people log into here!

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    Re: The Good Guy / Thanks Thread

    It would be nice to have an active and static thread on here to give thanks to others that bring honor to the hobby (hint hint Admins ;D)

    I agree that we all get our fill of stories of bad deals and shady scammers.


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