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Thread: More Knotts pics

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    More Knotts pics

    I finally got my pictures up. There at
    Click on "Gallery".
    I had a blast at the show. It was great. This is the third time I've gone and I think it was the best one I've been too. Seems like there was a lot more Lambo's.
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    Re:More Knotts pics

    where can i find more info on this baby?

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    Re:More Knotts pics

    That one caught my eye also! Very nice and unique looking kit.

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    Re:More Knotts pics

    The kit is $6,500.00 and it sits on a 2001 mr2. As far asthat goes it is better to find someone that has a 360 modena mold. The fiber glass kit that you see is put on top of the mr2 body and a lot of bondo and filler is used to get the body straight. To much work. Also you can't leave it in the sun to long cause then you will notice how thick the bondo is. (it will start cracking) Will it is a nice car though.

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