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Thread: AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea

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    AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea

    Hi all,
    Well, after being screwed by Robert Stewart
    and his three and half months of "Verbal
    Diarrhea" and broken promises, I have decided
    to go elsewhere for a roadster kit.

    D & R is having a special on the roadster
    and it is $13.5k for complete kit minus

    Do any of you have this kit? What
    can you tell me about it good or bad?


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    Re:AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea / D&R Roadster

    Good for you dude! I have been biting my tongue on this one for several weeks now. ( :-X not characteristic of me as some of you know) I am glad you have seen the light that most of us saw after his first or second post. I imagine the guy means well but has maybe just bitten off more than he can chew. I hope to see his kit someday. In the mean time,,,,,I hear nothing but GREAT things about D & R and I'm sure you will get plenty of feedback on this question. It's the least these guys will do for the mileage they got out of your previous pain and suffering! ;D

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    Re:AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea / D&R Roadster

    I have talked to the folks at D&R today.
    I also looked at pictures of the D&R roadster
    on I like it. It is a lot
    of money but I know that since the D&R kit
    is SO COMPLETE and so much is done for
    your that it will help make up the lost 3.5 months
    from the telephone stroking I got from Robert
    Stewart of AConcepts of AZ. I am so pissed
    at the guy. I extended the guy a whole lot
    of respect. I got Verbal Diarrhea instead. I
    would say that I was willing to Champion for
    the guy and back him up. But now, I will join
    up with the growing crowd of Robert discontents.


    Dammit why didn't Robert just say he was not
    serious from the beginning?

    This is the same thing like why didn't Sadam just
    give up if he was not going to seriously fight in
    the first place? It would have saved lives.

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    Re:AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea / D&R Roadster


    Oh my!!!!!!!

    Anyone ever recall Robert Saying... WHO IS SUPERMAN!!! Here's the pics!!! LOL.... More like SUPERSCAM!!

    Paid or unpaid... don't make ongoing diarrhea... I mean promises that you cant keep... ever notice he always brags about who he is building for? where the hell are they in his defense? Kind of like Iraq's info minister denying the US captured the Airport and the palace a block and a half away from where he was standing LOL.

    Plus he brags about Pauls Exotics alot...... I don't know if Pauls Exotics is something I would brag about... only re-affirms my distrust for him. Hate to say I told you so... but I DID........

    POONTANG FARM here i come... I think I'll turn it into a vegas style Mustang Ranch..... YEA !! the POONTANG RANCH!!!

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    Re:AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea / D&R Roadster

    anyone ever look at roberts site? here's a quote from the contact page.

    "Automotive Concepts was founded under the principle that we can build the best performance car in the world. This year, with the release of the MC12, MC13, Zonda, and other projects, we will realize this dream. Unlike other custom car builders, we improve upon the original idea and modernize it in order to see the full potential of the design. While we do not provide kits, only turnkeys, its obvious that we are car nuts."

    Now he does the Zonda??!!! obvious car nuts???? hmmmm......
    The Needles Dance, The Gauges Glow,
    As Engine Speed & Heartbeat Grow,
    Gears They Shift 'Neath Anxious Thumbs,
    Formerly: Powerhouse

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    Re:AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea / D&R Roadster

    nah ......just obviously nuts LOL

    First class ticket to the straight jacket hotel

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    Re:AConcepts Verbal Diarrhea / D&R Roadster


    We all know what happend to the Iraq Info minister right?

    He hanged himself.

    Or was hanged by someone.

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