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Thread: Bill Gates????

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    Bill Gates????

    ok i know you have all seen this video before?? but i was looking at it today and i was wondering is this a real f-40 with a V-8?? i see the license plate says " my f-40" also is it me or does the driver look like bill gates???

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    Re:Bill Gates????

    It does look like Billy! They should have stopped him to ask about some of these bugs in WinXP. I read once that he bought a 959 Porsche, but I'm sure he has others. This one doesn't sound like a V-8 to me. I think it's the real deal.

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    Re:Bill Gates????

    looks sweet, real or not.

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    Re:Bill Gates????

    thats not the f40 rplica v8 one because it doesn't have the race hood or large CF lip. that is the real deal.

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    Re:Bill Gates????

    I just wanted to add that all F40's are twin turbo V8's...a small V8 displacing only 2.9 litres!!!

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