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Thread: Possible to use a REAL Ferrari body shell and a corvette chassis?

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    Possible to use a REAL Ferrari body shell and a corvette chassis?

    Ok. So I was browsing eBay and came across item.


    Which is a genuine Ferrari 330gt 2+2 shell

    Looking at specs online the wheelbase is 104.2 inches

    That got me thinking , could I use a modern corvette chassis like item 110758643010 which is a 104.5 inch wheelbase? How difficult would this be, or will it not even work, and things like the steering column won't be in the right position etc?

    I'm a relative newbie to kit cars so I'd like to hear from expert builders if this will/wil not work as easily as it seems?
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    now that looks interesting, i really do not see why it would not work. actually i would say that would be a pretty darn easy retro. but now i would say the c-4, c-3, ect where their was a frame rail would or could be an issue but still workable. pretty cool idea. i been wanting to do somthing like that with my 41 chevy but at a 115 inch wheel base my donor options are alittle limited.

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    The c5 is the only vette with the correct wheelbase the c6 is too long and the c4 and c3 are yen inches shorter

    It is possible to get a c5 chassis not cut down as extensively as the one for sale , and in fact id probably get a car from copart and sell off the good panels

    They look like this after the skin is off, so this is what I would start with

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    Maybe do a photoshop overlay and see how it compares to the Vette.

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