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Thread: Steering wheel/airbag cover

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    Steering wheel/airbag cover

    I finally found a suitable steering wheel for my g28 build. Although it's a gallardo wheel and not a Murcie, I'm ok with that. Actually I prefer the "look" of the gallardo wheel anyway! Not only that but I got a really sweet deal on it! Anyway I was looking for opinions and ideas on the airbag cover. I would love to use oem but the cost is prohibitive and I have yet to find one for a half decent price (trust me I've looked everywhere!) I spent a couple hours yesterday monkeying around with a couple ideas and IMHO ended up with a couple decent covers although I'm not completely satisfied with the end result, I think I'm on the right track. Which one do you guys like better? Also open to suggestions on what to use (sculpting and molding are not an option) for the first one I used a 6" PVC pipe end-cap, carved out the "separation" line with a dremel. I also carved out the center where the emblem goes so that the emblem sits flush with the surface of the cover. For the second one I used a plastic cereal bowl and also carved out the center for the emblem (can't really see it in the pics but it's there) I decided not to make a "separation" line in the second one to try to mimic the original a little beter. Anyone have any ideas on what to use for the chrome ring that goes around the emblem? Which one looks better? Thanks!

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    2nd looks berrer. put the lines init though. great job. please..............don't get into a car accident cuz captain crunch may pop out all over your interior!!!

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    I need an emblem like that. Can you share where you got it and how much it cost?

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    I got it from eBay! It's actually the one that goes on the front hood so it's a bit bigger than it's supposed to be. I'm actually in the process of Replicating it!

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    Tbh I like the 1st one more because if the line going through the emblem. Makes it have more detail.

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    Stay true to the original Lambo design and use a cereal bowl

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