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Thread: Buying a flood damaged car?????

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    Buying a flood damaged car?????

    I've been scouring the net for another project to keep me busy and come accross a site called Autosource that has an impressive collection of collision and water damaged cars for sensible prices.... :-)

    Have any of you guys used this company before, or had any experience of issues relating to repairing flood damaged vehicles..

    I'm tempted to pop over to have a look at them ( from the Uk, so a bit of a trek ), so thought i'd ask some advice first???


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    I have no experience with that company, but my dd is a Mustang I bought flooded from a salvage auction. The water got halfway up the wheels, so the engine didn't get any damage. My e brake cables got submerged; when it got cold, the water froze, and the rear brakes stayed on. I ended up replacing the rotors, pads and cables, and it's been fine ever since.
    The clutch slave cylinder got water in it too, and eventually stopped working. I had to drop the transmission, and i replaced the entire clutch.

    Some cars do have elecrical issues - my friend had one that the lock cylinders would kick on randomly - locked him out of the car a few times. I imagine replacing the locks/switches or taking apart electrical connections would have solved the issue, but he just lived with it.

    I'd buy another flood car if the price was right, I'd just plan for some unexpected headaches and budget in a little extra. If you end up buying one, make sure you change the fluids before you drive it. I'm told you're also supposed to take out the spark plugs before you turn it over, as the water will destroy the engine if it's not already.

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    I looked at their site and it looks to good to be true.

    Like "1998 McLaren F1
    Bank Repo

    Really? Who leases one of those? Imagine that on Operation Repo! Matt would totally kill himself or hurt someone else if he drove it.

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    Never heard of them. I would use copart

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    All of the electrical is now very suspect. The only way to really fix that is to replace the entire electrical systems. There is no way around this. You might get lucky for a while, but who knows how long. Think about what would happen if the ABS could not read the wheel speed and the computer under or over clamps a wheel. Same for the traction control systems or the airbags. Modern cars have over 300lbs of copper wires in them and you will have to test each wire. Now if you idea is to pick up the car cheap and do an engine swap, then it might make sense.

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    copart add extras on to the final price so be careful with them also they do not give refunds and very rarely do they give genuine descriptions for example i brought a car from them that said start and drive verification yet when i collected it there was no sump or oil pump attached to the engine which was ripped off its mountings and to make matters worse they hacksawed the radiator hoses and ac hoses and chuck the rad pack away as it was hanging down slightly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipondajimmy View Post
    Never heard of them. I would use copart
    Wouldn't the "300lbs of wire" dry out? I can see how you might want to replace components. I was trying to reply to Brastics post, not slipondajimmys

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