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Thread: Winter TO DO LIST

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    Winter TO DO LIST

    Not to bad this year, if I pull the trannie that will be a first for me. Fixing the scratches and chips will be stressfull, I'll be looking for help.

    Paint windshield wiper arm (chipped)
    Alignment (new tires, try stringing lines)
    Flush rad
    New custom fitted floor mats or anchors for current
    Transmission grind if clutch in for a while (only in reverse)
    Transmission leaks, have Dylan up or send it to him?
    Align head lights
    Insulate A/C cabin line, drips on occasion when its humid
    Truck straps, to keep show chairs from rolling around in the trunk
    Fix front sway bar
    Better aerosol glue for head liner
    Fix body scratches on the front wheel fenders
    Fix chips on wheels
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    cool, looks like you have some fun projects for the least your done with the build is the best part, good luck!

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