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Thread: SHE LIVESSS!!!!!

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    SHE LIVESSS!!!!!

    Took her down from the rack tonight and gave her a twice over and headed up to the gas station.. its been 2 years since she was last on the road. AND DAMN!! It runs, rides, drives 1000 times better then I remember. the handling is tighter then the last fiero I drove and that car had a N*. (BTW this is with my bricklayers level for an alignment) engine feels really strong but didnt push her due to only having a few fireups a year. I did get a pop from my coldair intake but I've been pulling wires and such the last week.
    I was getting looks left and right even if I didnt have a whole front clip (what really got people was the fact that they could see that there was no engine up in the front of the car. I do have a slight squeak from one of my polys on the pass side, hope it goes away over time.
    Well I was just so happy I had to post, I get to take her for a alignment at the Hunter alignment headquaters on monday, license, and then slap the old broken body back on!! wooo hoo
    Now I just have to get that front clip and spray her and bickidy bam I'm back on the road!!
    L8, and thank you forum for all the help you have provided while fixing her, I would never of been to this point without you!!

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    Re:SHE LIVESSS!!!!!

    Congratulations. I hope to share that experience very soon.

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