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Thread: Does anybody have an opinion on this kit?

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    Does anybody have an opinion on this kit?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and appreciate the skills and passion that goes into these types of projects.

    Has anyone here had any experience with the Miami GT by DDR Motorsport?

    If you have any personal experience dealing with this firm or know about the quality of their products, please let me know?

    Thanks for your time and feedback.

    Keep the passion alive, keep creating and developing.


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    I have a buddy whos in the Navy and is stationed in San Diego, he called me about these guys sometime ago. He's out in one year and is planning on picking up the gt8 model. By then I will have the Lambo done and I can help him build one of these. I like the style and stance of this car and hell becuase of its weight to hp ratio...this cars probably a beast!

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    Welcome to the Forum. I have been with this Forum for almost 12 years now and it is the best. I go by FunnyWheels and I will try to answer every question. The build section has FunnyWheels goes topless, the others have stickies.

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Diego, owner of DDR is a great nice guy, I have seen his shop and his work. He is a top notch guy and very nice, may not speak the best english but his work will make up for it. Goodluck!

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    Jets303... Thanks for your input, I joined the forum not too long ago and read through your build... Very nice work, all the best with your project.

    Thanks Dave for your welcome, I enjoy reading about the various builds and resources you have available on this forum, keep the drive, it is a pleasure to check back regularly and see the participation of the members.

    Also thanks to fill-up for your input as well, I have read through your Enzo build and look forward to seeing your car and the other cars at completion.

    I will be speaking to Diego, owner of DDR in the next day or two, and will plan to visit his shop sometime in Jan/Feb.

    I like the Miami GT8 he is offering but will need to do a bit more research on how to get the components of his kit to me in Ontario.

    As the exclusive dealer for Vintage Speedsters here in Canada I have had experience importing turn-key vehicles but not "kit cars" as Transport Canada defines them.

    Any additional information you can offer me regarding DDR, or kits in general is appreciated, I have also reached out to another member of this forum who is also from the Ontario area and just waiting to speak with him (prototype).

    Thanks again fellows,
    Stay well,

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