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Thread: look familiar to anyone?

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    look familiar to anyone?

    hello all,

    I came across this car in Texas and the owner new nothing about it. Does it look familiar to anyone?

    VW powered, shortened pan, air intake in front and vent on hood top directly above gas tank, swithes located to the left of driver, T-top with removable one piece roof, flat windshield. Its from the 80s i believe and cool as hell...

    I think the designer and builder is either from Texas or currently in Texas. Any help would be appreciated.


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    it's a bradley. the spoiler on the back was probably added on.
    check to see how well it was built.they had factory turnkey and
    buy the frame and body or just the body.
    some home builders really put the hours in and cars look good everywhere you look
    and some don't.
    over 3 years ago their were two kit cars pushed out in front
    of storage alongside freeway somewhere in Texas and guy was asking almost nothing for them.
    they were either part finished or somebody took parts off of them.
    but there was plenty there and same type of car as pic.

    Have A Nice Day!

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    It's not a Bradley. The doors are wrong for that and so is the front and windshield. I haven't seen that one before.

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    txbuilder is right! nothing about this kit remotely resembles either the bradley or bradley GT models Bradley's have a slab side to them. The windshield on this looks alot like the windshield used in the Sterlings but other than that it looks nothing like a sterling.

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    It look familiar but I can't put my finger on it. I was thinking Manta but that's not it. It's in those VW year, lots of kits were kicking around based on them hinting at that 917 look.

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    Sorry do not have time to search this car out but one of these two sites should help you find info on it ....

    Forgotten FiberGlass

    VW Kit Cars - Preserving the VW Kit Car Industry

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