Hello all!
I am desperately seeking Countach Chassis plans. Years ago I had several sets from different manufacturers but sadly they were lost during a military move. That said, I am currently gearing up for a Sienna bodied Countach build. As we all know, companies that once provided the market with plans and or completed chassis have long been out of business and no longer have interest in their previous ventures. I have noticed that my request has been fielded several times before and that many members for whatever reason feel that it is ok to copy a vehicle from the big companies but cry foul whenever someone request information that was provided by a replica company which provided a facsimile of a particular car without permission or endorsement and has been out of business over a decade. For this reason I am providing my number so that I can be contacted directly by those that choose not to be identified as "Cheating some one sided rule by providing information". My number is 916-996-6905. Please leave a message as I dont just answer any incoming call. I really hate telemarketers. I hope however that someone is willing to post that they have information that could help many others complete a build. In every right, our hobby is based on us being copy cats and that is NOT a bad thing. Thank you for reading my post and hopefully someone can get me going. Good luck to all with their builds! Dana