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Thread: New to this,Hatchback RWd - Help with Rear Axle/Diff Please

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    New to this,Hatchback RWd - Help with Rear Axle/Diff Please

    Hi there.Iv been playing and currently own a 2.0 Turbo Mg zr running roughly 250bhp

    Was offered another Mg zr silly cheap so i thort i no.
    No one has ever done a RWD Mg zr..

    So iv gone out and purchased a zx10R Engine, stripped it, Fitted some carrilo rods and some the turbo pistons, lower the compression with a thicker head gasket, gas flow and balanced everything up and just on with fitting a gt20 (small but its just a start) and iv fitted it up front off the original sub-frames With the engine side ways on to the pay, I'm making a cable operated gear shift to flappy paddles and iv used all the bike loom and got the speedo customized into a carbon half dash..Need to finish off the loom for lights etc..To get a reverse gear im going to customize a starter motor so that its spins freely when not used and locks on a bearing and reverse`s me. Need to look more into that idea tho..

    As for the rear axle..What would be best to use. Im going to have to build everything up from scratch, im just after light and not solid...any ideas guys.

    Many thanks
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    try this company

    : : : Autotech : : :

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