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Thread: Who is PACC

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    Who is PACC

    Well I have been here checking out the builds on Mad Mechanics for a while now and have commented a few times. I have built a few Kit Cars and have enjoyed building them and learning from each one. This is the first one I built and yes here are a few areas I could have spent some more time on but it was 12 years ago. It is a Classic Motor Carriages Porsche 356 widebody. Chopper gun panels that had to be reworked and reglassed. Still had a blast with it. I couldnt tell you how many people thought it was a VW Karman ghia.
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    this one is a 1932 ford Roadster and the body is from Kilbourne, chassis is a corn huskers and engine is a Ford Triton V10 with a Jag rear.
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    This one is partial well the front end is. The one piece front end started out with two chopper gun fenders from the early 1970s and a new fiberglass hood from a swap meet that I bonded together and then built a square tube frame that I attached the front end to so that the glass wouldnt vibrate and shake itself to death as this gasser screamed down the 1/4mile and the headlighst wouldnt strobe as it went down the street at night.
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    This one isnt fiberglass and is not a replica but it does resemble a VW beetle as that is what I started out with 39 days
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    A few more.
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    Thats my Dad looking concerned as he is worried it is too small to be Not really he loves it. It started out as a 1961 Beetle body and has been sectioned 6",the length shortened by 12", the width narrowed by 4" and channeled by 3". It sits 3" off the ground and the whole drive train and exhaust is tucked up inside the transmission tunnel. It is 37" tall at the top of the windshield post. It weighs in at 1465lbs so far and is motivated by a Mazda 12a bridgeport supercharged engine ,backed by a 5speed manual and a 8.8Ford rear with a 4:10 posi. This will be finished by Mar20,2012 and will be in Steele Rubber products booth at the SEMA/HRIA Hot Rod and Restoration Show in Indy Mar 22-24, 2012.The rendering was done by Hugo Silvaand his photochopp skills are amazing. We had to deviate from the rendering with the wheels and headlights, other than that it will look like the rendering. It will be in primer this week and painted in two weeks and then final assembly.
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    nice side by side comparison of before and after section on the doors. Trunk lid is a super beetle hood thatIi widened by 3" and flipped backwards in order to have access as a conventional trunk lid would not clear my Lemans style flip fill gas lid
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    Wow PACC wicked looking projects you have going!

    Ive always wanted to build a rat rod. The vw hybrid kind of resembles on in my opinion. Keep the update pics coming and maybe start up a build diary!

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    Nice looking cars. You certainly do a nice job. I especially like projects with old beetles.

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    Das Speedster is done. It took 73 days to build it and it just got back from its first show at the HotRod and Restoration show in Indy.It is a SEMA/HRIA trade show and it was very well received there.
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