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Thread: Another Scammer on Ebay stealing Robslp640's reputation!!

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    Another Scammer on Ebay stealing Robslp640's reputation!!

    I heard it from the man himself, there is a scammer on ebay using Robslp640 pics and trying to sell COMPLETED kits on ebay - user rating of ZERO!!! He's using Rob's reputation for great quality and accurate kits to bait people's money (he wants $60,000!!!). Be careful and don't fall for it. Keep your head up Rob and just keep knocking out those great kits and cars!

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    I just saw it too. Someone make this one a sticky. Also - rob should report the scam on ebay. I just texted him.

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    Just reported it to eBay, hopefully they end the auction before someone bids. They are using Dratts car as well :-/

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