Hi I was checking out TVR's and noticed that the Cerbera has a 101" wheelbase, it looks like it could be perfect for several F cars and Lambos, rather than a more standard production car like a toyota or a ford.
for those of you over the pond TVR's are in essence space framed cars usually with tuned v6 or V8 engines they can be picked up fairly cheaply these days and offer lots of horsepower and inbuilt strength (although reliability was sometimes an issue) the chassis were particularly nice, and used outriggers to attach the body (could be fairly easy to move and lengthen/shorten these as required for the body of choice) and were built with performance to match the looks, this should give a great starting point and a closer overall finish to a supercar.

Any one have any views on this? anyone tried it before? any one fancy doing some layups?

Kindest regards