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Thread: New project need input - Fiberfab Jamaican

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickyReed View Post
    I've been trying to load some pictures of the Bradley's and the Jamaican but for some reason they aren't loading.
    @bgullatt, please clarify this. using someone's images is not a good start to a project, especially when the another member claims ownership of such images.
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    I would love to hear the explaination on this one ! Does this kind of thing go on very often in the kit car industry ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by C2R-design View Post
    I would love to hear the explaination on this one ! Does this kind of thing go on very often in the kit car industry ?
    I wished that I could get the pictures to load! I would show everyone that this car and the 3 Bradley's are sitting in my backyard and have been since 2005. I do have them listed on Craig's List in Huntsville, Al., Birmingham, Al., Nashville, Tn., and Atlanta, Ga.

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    You need to be a financial contributor to this forum to post pics. Best way to get photos up here if you don't want to give Ari some money is to post your pics up to Photobucket or some other hosting site and copy the Img URL into a reply here. Long term we end up losing the pics on here when the picture hosting site cleans up but it is the easiest way to get them here.

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    What the devil x_O

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    well where is the logical explanation....

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    Maybe he bought the car off Rither Sanchez at supercar replicas.
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    It's 5 years late but apologies for any confusion or implications. When I made this post originally I had agreed to go out to his place with intent to purchase the car. We had a death in the family and I quite frankly forgot to get back with the guy. The Craigslist ad had expired and I never thought another thing about it. I came across this post earlier this year and removed links to the pictures. I did not intend to mislead anyone but I can see where RickyReed would be upset. It is pure coincidence that RickyReed's post was almost one year from my original post. Again I am sorry for any poor etiquette or jumping the gun with my statements of "recently purchased".

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