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Thread: Ferrari 360 fake brake disk

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    Ferrari 360 fake brake disk

    hi there i wanted to make some fake brake disk for my extreme 360 Ferrari kit , i know that dna can do it but you must buy a kit form them i have also tried but there website is dosent work anymore, can anyone help me out please.

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    if you want fake discs for your extreme , cant you ask them?
    dna wont sell them to you for obvious reasons, dragonsexotics has done a runner with peoples money so ive been told,
    the only people happy to sell them to you would be mr2 kits and the spanish celica ferrari guys i think

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    i have send to extreme several emails but they will not reply at all do you have any emails or do you know the copmany that
    dragonsexotics used to do there fake brake disks

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    There was a thread last year discussing a fake brake setup. Do some searching and maybe you can find out who was offering them. If I remember correctly the disks were stainless steel roughed up to look authentic.

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    dragon exotics were offering a fake brake kit, and posted here, but have since gone out of business

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    i don't understand why its so difficult :<<<<<<

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