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Thread: Boxster GT conversion kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by disilva View Post
    best if you list exactly all what's included Roland , and what's needed
    You will get asked the same question over and over😀
    What year boxster?
    Will it be at stoneligh

    could you provide the below please;

    whats included

    Whats needed to complete it

    Skills / work required to fit (i.e any welding, fibre glassing or bolt on etc...)

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    Front wings x 2
    Front bumper (incorporates front lower middle scoop)
    Cills x2
    Lower black outer cills x2
    Rear Quaters x 2
    Roof panel
    Rear Bumper
    Rear tailgate (boot lid)
    Rear boot lid dummy fins
    Rear duck tail spoiler aero kit style
    Rear aero wing
    Rear internal panel carrier
    Rear internal quarter carrier
    Mirror blank plates x2
    Mirror basses x 2
    Mirror shells x 2 (designed to take boxster motors)

    Wheel arch liner
    make up strips
    ABS x 5

    KIT INCLUDES: PU Injection parts
    Side rear quarter ducts x 2
    window top rail x2

    Hinge brackets x 2
    Spoiler brackets x2
    boot lid catch bracket x 1

    Any other parts we can supply or recommend where to locate them as their are specialist Porsche suppliers around the world selling new and used parts

    The kit works with front fenders(wings) bolting to front bumper then screwing and bonding to car.
    the cills are over cills so screw and bond over the existing cills.
    The rear quarters bond down the return on the door shut and then bolt to 2 rear carrier sections that mount at the rear of the car. The roof locates onto the rear quarters and into the screen frame at front.
    the rear bumper bolts to the rear quarters and rear carrier (the carrier mounts to the rear of the car)
    The rear wing (duck tail spoiler) comes with mounting points and brackets.
    The dummy engine lid cover uses existing boxster hinges and catche and come with brackets to mount to inner fitches of rear quarters.
    Their is a mid section rear carrier that enables the rear screen to mount and forms the shape at rear.
    The bonnet uses the existing hinges and catch from the boxster.
    The rear quarters on the existing boxster have to have some of the outer skin removed the wheel arch diameter needs to be trimmed to allow the 20" rims to be fitted.
    Their is no fabrication required or welding ita all bolt screw and bond.
    The front of the roof we recommend that a layer of fibre glass is laid over window frame and GRP roof skin to prevent cracking.
    the lower outer black cills are simply screwed on from below.

    It should take a novice around 2 weeks to correctly fit the body ready for a paint shop. to finish.
    An experienced guy around 5 - 6 days.

    We are here to help so if any one gets stuck an email a call away and we will happily talk you through the process to get it right.

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    Thank you Roland for this Kit!

    From the pictures is it absolutely stunning!

    The Turnkey is 20.000 Pounds? The customer should provide the desired Boxster to be converted?


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    donor to be supplied by the customer

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    What is the turn around time for a turn key?

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    Depends when you book how busy we are. Once with us generally about 10 weeks
    allowing time in this for the paint shop.

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    maybe I missed it, but is there a particular year that you can do this With, range wise?

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    "It should take a novice around 2 weeks to correctly fit the body ready for a paint shop. to finish.
    An experienced guy around 5 - 6 days."
    This claim troubles me. If it is true then this is a fantastic product but it is probably not true. Nonetheless, allowing for the usual kit-car BS, I am still quite impressed with this.

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    wouldve been real awesome f this can be fit onto a 3rd gen Toyota Mr2 as Im quite weary of old boxsters as they are notorious for transmission failure, emngine fails, etc

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    I have spent the last 15 years in the kit car industry. The kits are designed to fit easy their is no BS here!
    I was a partner in DNA Automotive if you have seen the build threads their you will see how easy they were this kit is designed with no fabrication requirements or welding its a simple build!
    This in turn helps us earn a living if the kit took months to fit we would loose out big time. It really is a simple design

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