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Thread: New to the forum...need a little help

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    New to the forum...need a little help

    Evening everyone.....
    Due to lack of help with finding what I need from other forums I decided to come here to see if I might be able to find what I知 looking for.

    After looking and looking for kits, I have decided that there is no kit out there that fits my personal tastes. So I知 going to start making my own kit car. My plan is to sag up a cheap parts car, remove all the panels and start foam build up of the kit, then pull molds from it, and piece together the panels on my 88' T-top Formula Fiero...

    I have a few questions to get me started:

    1. What is the best type of spray foam to use on this?? Any specific brands that is very good?

    2. Next, I am looking for a kit for a total front lift (molding top part of fenders to the hood, and to the nose). Basically the hinge/gas strut kit that I知 sure most of you use on Ferrari kitsHow much $$ and where could I find it?

    3. And last, I知 looking for a place to buy some Ferrari style F355 taillights (red circles with small white reverse light in the center), also some options on different types of headlights?

    This should help get me started, if anyone has any tips, suggestions, or what not... it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ;D

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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    80-82 corvette backup lights look pretty good ,if you cant afford authenic ferrari little piece of advise.if youre not very skilled at every aspect of car building ,or if you dont have the funds to farm out what you cannot do,dont even attempt the kind of project youre talking about,you wouldnt believe the kinds of problems your going to encounter.its hard for me to believe ,with all the stuff out there,that you cant find anything you like.

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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    I can find stuff I like, but I always find little flaws that I hate about each one... and theres no way I would fork out $5-7k for a kit I would have to re-do to fit my tastes.

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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    Try Greg White's site :
    He is building a car from scratch and has used some two-part foam on it. Good luck with the project. How are you modeling it, or have you come up with the concept yet? I'm hoping to do my own design, too, once I get the car running again.
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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    Besides being an artist since I could pick up a pencil... I have also taken CAD and 3d modeling classes ever since I had the opportunity...this project will probably take me the next 5 years or so to perfect it... structurally it will be a blend of Ferrari, Lambo, and McLaren... so it should be a very interesting looking car...

    for those that think I may be nuts... your right, but I'm a perfectionist and I never give up on what I start...

    thanks ;D

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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    I would say that the easyiest way would be to buy a used body on E-bay then redisign the parts you dont like.What kit do you like and what parts dont you like about it?Laying your own fiberglass is time consumeing and alot of work,you can run into problems such as dips in the fiberglass even small inperfections can show up later when the lighting is right.I personally dont recomed it, unless you know or have friends who have fiberglassing experiance.I would say start by useing the software method to get a visual Idea of what you want.Good Luck.
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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    I have a simple question.

    Why would you chop up an 88 Fiero T-top car? They were very limited production number and worth a lot more restored then in a kit built on a very limited budget?

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    Quote Originally Posted by Nebiros88
    I can find stuff I like, but I always find little flaws that I hate about each one... and theres no way I would fork out $5-7k for a kit I would have to re-do to fit my tastes.
    Hmm, (thinking...) but you would rather spend $10k - $20k building your own kit? Not to mention the time, months, if not years of time... You better think about that again. I would rather buy a nice kit that had a few problems, fix it, and then pull molds off of it, than coming up with a kit of my own, expecially if you are thinking about a F355. What kind of kit are you wanting to build?

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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    to answer some questions...

    my budget isnt very limited... the only thing limiting it is time... which at my age i have plenty of that left...

    yes, true my t-top formula is pretty rare and in extremely good condition... i have 2 sets of t-tops for it and besides a few very minor paint flaws... its damn near mint... it is a red, optionless 5spd... so that takes the production number down to probably under 75-50 of them built identical to mine... and i doubt those numbers are even lower due to the fact it was ordered without any options which very few were...

    why mutilate a perfectly good car? for pure enjoyment...these cars arent really worth what i would want to sell it to a collector...I have already tried that route... then i thought about just modding a few panels... but then the more i looked at it the more i wanted to change... so now i'm at the conclusion of a kit...

    the whole point in me building the kit myself is because i could design every curve and every angle... I dont want my car to look like a wannabe... i dont find much purpose in buying a kit to make it Look like a car that it is not... yeah i could make it look like a ferrari, or a lambo, or whatever... but the fact is under the body... it isnt that car...there is no 12cylinder engine...

    the kit i would make would be a today's version of a fiero... it would be made into the car it should have been instead of being dumbed down to not outrun vettes...

    as for my future plans once the kit is complete? down to the frame restoration... total tubular suspension, 12" brakes, $2k wheels, powder coated frame and suspension parts...custom fiberglass interior wrapped in leather, digital gauges... etc.. the list never ends... and of course a nice juiced 383 stroker v8...

    something you guys have to realize this isnt going to be a 1-2 year project... i will be working on this car perfecting every detail for probably the next 10-20 years... and it will be worth every min of it.....besides... i have other vehicles so why not play with this one?

    anyways thanks for the comments and suggestions...

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    Re:New to the forum...need a little help

    Well, when you boil it down, it is your MONEY and your TIME, spend/use it as you wish. Keep the frail economy going!

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