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Thread: Lamborghini replica chassis

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    Lamborghini replica chassis

    I am Looking for a Lamborghini replica chassis does anyone have one available?

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    I have a replica chassis and fiero chassis

    Shoot me an email

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    I manufacture a replica chassis with proper replicated suspension components including hubs and been no brakes. Text or call 760 808 7041

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    Quote Originally Posted by colato View Post
    I manufacture a replica chassis with proper replicated suspension components including hubs and been no brakes. Text or call 760 808 7041
    Sure you do we're are the pics to back up all these claims

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    Quote Originally Posted by metro View Post
    Sure you do we're are the pics to back up all these claims
    Lol really lol

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    Adrian are you laughing cause you know what I have or are you taking a Stab at me for not selling you a set of my Diablo doors because you've been making copies of my parts. Had you not done that you would have doora and extra goodies but I only do business with honest egoless people and haven't found too many in this industry that I are worthy of what I have.and anyone that thinks im a Con or liar or don't have what I say I do are fools. I'm not a person to make stab at I do this for fun and will hook you up with the best parts you will find but I will never do business with anyone that copies my parts or calls me a liar or has an ego bigger than himself. This industry is a joke which is why I left 15 yrs ago and coming back It's full of even more idiots
    And ego maniacs that don5 even have a car to show for how great they say they are. I have a loyal set of guys that I wil do business with.and the ones that I don't are the ones that take stabs at me on here. I come on here once in a while I've left my number but instead you make some BS comment with no backup instead of coming to see me in California. Come see for yourself what I have and don't hide behind your keyboard spreading lies. I won't engage in most BS that goes on within this kit car I don't sell dreams only reality and I've left my number to Call if you want an easy to build perfect.replica. sorry if that makes you jealous becauze you don't have it. There are enouvh old timers around that know the trutg and the rest that are like mr turrets making false statements I could care less you don't affect my finances or my life in any way shape or form but I could affect yours in a very positive way and you are missing ouy by beimg a fool.

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    Colato, there is no need to rant or take shots at anyone. Just simply post images of the items your suggesting you have with descriptions and that will lay all skeptics at bay.

    Also, you have to understand that there are a number of people who have been taken advantage of in this hobby. So proof is worth more than words when it comes to who you are, what you have or what you can offer. So if you post something with nothing to back up your claims, you have to expect a certain level of criticism.

    There have been a great number of people to come on here posting links to false sites or simply state they can do or have this, that, and the other, only to never have really anything to show for it. That and when we see a junior member spouting claims with nothing to show for it... it's questionable if nothing else.

    So don't dirty your thread by seeing who can piss or fling poo further. No need for the "mines bigger than yours" show. Just simply show your work and your offerings, keep it clean and straight forward and those interested will approach you.

    If you start off by attacking people... it leads only to ruin.
    It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself. - Dale Earnhardt Sr

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