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Thread: Vaydor Bodykits.

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    Vaydor Bodykits.

    Hey everyone, this is Matt from Vaydor. Just wanted to chime in. I dont have the time to read through all the threads and sometimes shit talk on this forum so i thought i would just start a new thread. We are alive and kickin still goin strong. There is a 7 week wait on bodykits ( as usual). The new door hinges are working out GREAT, they bolt to the OG hinge holes and are fluid motion. The price has always been the same from day one and will stay that way.

    This is the normal breakdown i have always sent;
    Hello, and thanks for the interest in our new VAYDOR rebody fiberglass kit for 2003-2007 infiniti G35 coupe. My name is Matt McEntegart (creator and designer of the Vaydor) and our company is Vaydor Bodykits LLC.

    Ok, here is how it breaks down:
    Fiberglass only kit includes.
    1 Main rear body shell
    1 front clip (fenders and bumper)
    2 Door outers, 2 door inners, 2 inside door braces
    1 hood skin, 1 hood inner
    1 roof wing cover, 1 roof wing inner
    1 rear hood skin, 1 rear hood inner
    1 gas filler bucket
    2 side roof rails
    2 lower rocker splitters
    2 after-door vents
    2 fender vents
    1 cowl/ lower windshield cover
    3 rear exit vents (tail light area)
    1 rear floating wing
    1 front lower splitter
    2 rear fender wells
    1 front core support
    2-quarter glasses
    1-rear glass
    1-center tail light
    (Parts listed above are for the hard top, Spider will vary slightly such as a removable hard top ECT.)
    1 Full rollcage
    2 DOT headlights
    2 hood hinges and 2 hood latches
    This package includes most everything you will need to build the car that is not included on your donor chassis.
    Package price---$11,000.00

    Full interior conversion:

    2- seats+seat backs
    2-door panels
    1-dash board
    1- center console center
    1- center console rear
    1- gauge cluster top
    2- a-pillars
    2-quarter panels-HT
    1-dash center trim
    1-center console trim
    Some parts will need to be made from panel board so we will include the patters.
    Interior fiberglass conversion kit---$3000.00

    Full set of covers pre-sewn for the interior ---$1500.00 (subject to scheduling).

    To start a body package sale, we require a deposit of 50% and the remainder will be payed before the body and all its parts leave our shop. The wait time on a body would depend on how many deposits made before yours, at this time we are set up to produce 1 body a week.

    Wheel and tire package by AMANI Forged, any style they offer 22/9--22/12.5 ---$5800.00

    New design Lambo style door hinges (bolt to the car)---$1600.00

    Payments can be made by ---
    Wire transfer
    PayPal-----You must cover the charges from PayPal
    Certified check
    Cash in person
    We accept personal checks for deposit only.

    The spider uses the same g35 donor as the hardtop.
    The chassis doe NOT need to be stretched

    SHIPPING WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, check with us for pallet size and weight

    Thanks for the interest---Vaydor bodykits LLC--727-277-2981

    Stop by the shop anytime--6351 49th St N Pinellas Park FL 33781 (dont need an appointment.)

    WE DO NOT BUILD THE CARS, we only sell the complete body+interior package.

    I have no idea if it is street legal in any other country.

    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    My # is there for anyone who would like to call, i do my best to answer.
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Now to clear up a few things---------- Everyone who orders a kit receives a kit. There is no shady dealing going on, i think some simple research can prove that. Sometimes people have to wait on parts to come it that are back ordered such as lights and hinges but happens in any business. I have my new best friend out there claiming im some kind if scamming lair, even calling and texting my new customers saying the same thing but they can see through that. Im still same ol Matt from years ago, still tryin to put some legitimacy into a shady kit car world.
    WE STILL DO NOT BUILD CARS and that is because of builds like my best friends car that keeps complaining...hahah. I am knee deep is a turnkey build that i started 3 yrs ago and the customer is PISSED. The best i can do is offer all there money back to make them whole but (like my new best friend) they usually refuse and say "ill wait" so the build goes on. I dont like to disappoint that is why we stopped building the cars. Still my new best friend has made it his lifes mission to bash me on line so.........have fun with that.
    I keep a decent timeline with body sales and thats all im really worried about. If u order a kit, YOU GET A KIT.

    Im not on here fighting with every stupid comment for one good reason...... the best way to not let shit talk bother you is to simply NOT READ IT
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    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    My installer Jimmy is available to help with your build but still........some people just cant do it. So im here saying this right now YOU NEED SOME EXPERIENCE IN KIT CAR BUILDING TO COMPLETE THIS BUILD!!! I have over estimated the worlds skill level and want to make that clear!!!
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    So this is my thread..................let the shit talk begin
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Oh yea one more thing..........THIS IS A HOME BUILT KIT CAR............ NOT A GM PRODUCTION VEHICLE!!!! Please keep that in mind when getting a car built. I know this thing has taken a life of its own but it is what it is, dont expect any more.
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Hey Matt welcome back!! And great post to clear up stuff going around. Definitely gonna get my popcorn. I do remember you said way before that you only sell the kit and not build the actual turnkey, so where are the others having them built and claim it was you?

    Anyway glad to see you back
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    Quote Originally Posted by bangsters View Post
    Hey Matt welcome back!! And great post to clear up stuff going around. Definitely gonna get my popcorn. I do remember you said way before that you only sell the kit and not build the actual turnkey, so where are the others having them built and claim it was you?

    Anyway glad to see you back

    Right now i still have 4 builds here. One has been done for about a year waiting on payment but the customer is out of country and wants to just unload it (wants to much). One is ready for interior (been here almost 3yrs, customer is cool) one is just getting started for Quality Coach works in Cali ( i promised him a 3rd car because he was so cool with the first 2). One is a 4door 700hp chassis for a friend of mine who doesnt care when it gets done. Our focus is on production and delivery of parts mainly.
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    I think its time to sell the pink car now. let me know if anyone is interested.

    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Metro you only talk bad about Vaydor But just making this company bigger because I'm going to buy another body kit you're making too much effort
    Build something yourself and stop talking trash about everybody's job you are talking about the real deal and we don't see a single picture of anything.

    Stop talking and build Home Depot screws fiberglass would whatever you think of and we will support you

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