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Thread: A new concept from Mazda

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    A new concept from Mazda

    In a world full of BS and overly complicated design messes, Mazda hits a home run.

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    Love the interior..

    The kit car industry needs to kick these sketches (Bertone) into real life with Mercedes SLR proportions.

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    design from most manufacturers is soooooo much better these recent years. it always boggled my mind, up front good design is cheap when amortized over many units. why skimp? don't they know that most people buy cars based on appearance #1?
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    I really love the look of this car. Especially the clean and minimalist interior design.

    So many cars these days have over cluttered dashes and interiors. I love the clean look and while I have opposed of wood grain interiors on a lot of cars... it looks so at home inside this car.

    I REALLY hope they bring this to market... but my fear is they will ask far to much for it and price it out of my hands... as is usually the case.

    But yes, I saw this article a week back and meant to share it. Glad you did so.
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