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Thread: Can`t afford a kit car so did the next best thing and started making YouTube videos

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    Quote Originally Posted by MunkyKing View Post

    I’ve an Ariel Atom ‘kit’. It was a disassembled Ariel that was shipped to China.
    No dice selling them there, so a clever soul here in the US bought them and sold them as kits.
    I bought a complete kit without engine.
    Researched the hell out of my state laws and managed to register it after 8 month to and fro with the department of public safety (Ariel Atoms aren’t legal in my state, but because mine is a kit, with a kit vin from Protland Oregan, they found it difficult to stop me registering mine)

    I was going to build a Tribute 250, but the owner was ill when I contacted them. I started to look into building a DB5 from scratch but came across a very inexpensive early 911 which I’m restoring now.

    Have you thought about posting here:

    This is a UK based kit car forum.

    One of the companies building ‘Tribute’ kits would be an interesting video.

    Also DNA is not gone. Brian is still building cars. His Speedster looks amazing and is by far the best of the Boxster based speedsters as you might have guessed by his pedigree.
    Roland from DNA is doing Porsche kits for Boxsters that are cool. Another possible cool video.

    Best of luck.

    Thanks Munkyking for that link. Cant thank everyone enough to watching and subbing on my channel. Iam almost reached my target. I will get on to Brian at DNA regarding his Porsche speedster when its ready. The tribute cars are amazing as well for the price. So what i will do is everytime i publish a kit car video i will print a link to this forum.
    Thanks again guys!<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88.5countach View Post
    Sub'd do the same for my channel if you haven't already.
    Already did it and iam watching your vids all that way through. Iam so jelous of your lambo! Keep up the good work and take care of that baby!<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Just to let you guys know i have released another video on How Dax Cobra`s are made thanks and enjoy the video<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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